Nobilis Rum Hampden 8yo

Another Hampden signed by Nobilis Rum. This is, by far, the youngest of their Hampden release with only 8 years old. But there’s something interesting behind it, this rum has mainly aged under ropical climate. In more precise numbers, 6 years of tropical ageing and 2 years of continental ageing. The colour speaks for itself!
I really enjoyed the recent Swell De Spirits Hampden and this one has some similarities on the paper, so let’s go!

Nobilis Rum Hampden 2013-2022 (68.2%, cask #NR14, 225 bottles, <>H)

Colour: Dark gold.
Nose: Surprisingly sweet with a very nice alcohol integration. Candied pineapples, acidulous candies, glue, solvents, candied lemons, bananas, some wood, black and green olives mix, grilled sardines and cake dough. Tropical ageing is very noticeable at nose, that’s a great thing.
Mouth: Same statement, alcohol integration is surprising, slightly better than it was for Swell De Hampden, and tropical ageing is easily noticeable. Acidulous candies, pineapples, bananas, mangoes, chilies, marzipan, vanilla, smoked herrings, salted black olives, glue and polish. A true Hampden, isn’t it?
Finish: Long, of course. Vanilla, smoke, tobacco, dried fruits and some raspberries.

A surprising youngster! That’s a two facets rum as you can feel characteristics from both tropical and continental ageing. This is also less extreme than you can imagine when reading label. Great selection!

Score: 89

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Nobilis Rum Hampden 2013-2022

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