Nobilis Rum Enmore 1988

What did you say? Another 1988 Enmore (Versailles still) from Nobilis? To be honest, I expect something very different than the first of his name. The colour and the mark tells a very different story. This one is light-coloured and wear the AWM mark (light Versailles, it has nothing to do with Albion if you’re asking). It’s a quite uncommon mark so it clearly tickled my curiosity…

Nobilis Rum Enmore (Versailles) 1988-2021 (50%, cask #NR05, 126 bottles, AWM)

Colour: Light gold.
Nose: Another kind of Enmore, or I mean Versailles. That’s light-bodied (not in bad way) and aerial, easy to sip but complex in the same time. The slightly acidulous apples dominate the nose. We also have pears, metallic notes, nutmeg, honey, wood, grapes, bitter cocoa, lemons, liquorice stick and some herbal notes. Nice!
Mouth: One more time the alcohol integration is remarkable. The licorice notes overwhelms the apples one this time. Then we have anise star, dark chocolate, caramelized pears, almonds, metallic notes, white pepper, honey, apple pie and black olives. Okay now I understand what Light Versailles means, easy sipper alert.
Finish: Mid-long and full of delicacy. Menthol, vanilla pod, smoke and pomegranates.

Honestly I preferred the first 1988 (MEC) release for two reasons. First because of personal taste (mainly about licorice) and secondly it lacks that little extra thing we’re waiting for. Otherwise, there’s no real false step here, it’s classy and refined. It will make a very nice daily dram for sure!

Score: 87

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Nobilis Rum Enmore (Versailles) 1988-2021

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