Some 2019 Festivals bottlings

Hazelburn 21yo 1997-2019 (46%, OB, Open Day 2019)
Bowmore 15yo (51.7%, OB, Feis Ile 2019)
Lagavulin 19yo (53.8%, OB
, Feis Ile 2019)
Caol Ila 22yo (58.4%
, OB, Feis Ile 2019)

Let’s go back to the 2019 edition of the Campbeltown festival and Feis ile by trying those 4 bottlings. Let’s forget those actual strange times we are living and remember how those days were “back in the day”! (I’m feeling old just by writing this, trust me)

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Velier Demeraras

Velier Diamond & Versailles 1996-2014 (57.9%)
Velier Enmore & Port Mourant 1998-2014 (62.2%)

Velier Diamond SVW 1999-2014 (64.7%)
Velier Port Mourant 1993-2006 (65%)
Four tropical aged rums from Demerara, bottled by Velier… If you already tried some from that specific category you probably have good memories about it, right?

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