Score scale explanation

Main criteria

  • Alcohol integration.
  • Intensity of flavour.
  • Complexity.
  • Balance.
  • Mouthfeel.
  • Length of the finish.

Additional criteria

  • Preference for some profile.
  • OBE markers, old school typical waxiness, etc.
  • Really high level of some of those criteria. (but still balanced !)

Those criteria are used to score the different spirits tasted in the most repeatable way on a scale of 100. We always make tasting session in the same room, same time frame and we use some well known starters to be sure everything is normal and as usual before we start the tasting session.

Score scale works this way :

  • <75 : Really really not good, most of the supermarket blend and spiced rum, typically.
  • 75-80 : Just acceptable, clearly not the same level than the last category but it’s not really good. Still worth a try if you want to test it.
  • 81-84 : Acceptable and correct but full of flaws. Still worth a try.
  • 85-87 : From here it starts to be good but still has multiple flaws. The kind of spirit you enjoy to take another glass and relax !
  • 88-89 : Well it starts to be serious.
  • 90 : Nearly all main criteria are present, some additional one could be there too. It’s really good.
  • 91+ : Most of the criteria are present and even some of the additional ones, here we have the pearls we’re looking for !

We try to be consistent and honest in our reviews but keep in mind this is our point of view and yours could be different. After all everyone does not like the same things.
Feel free to try yourself too and enjoy !

The exception of shows :

When some tasting are done in shows or in any kind of different ways than those described in the previous paragraphs, it will be stated as such and of course the review should be taken with a grain of salt.