21st february tasting

Chairman’s Reserve Saint Lucia Salon du Rhum Belgique 8yo (46%)
HSE Single cask 2003-2016 (47.8%)
Velier Bielle MG9 2003-2012 (49%)
J.Bally Brut de fût 1999-2017 (54.5%)
Saint James Confrérie du Rhum 2003-2018 (59%)

The Rum Mercenary Uitvlugt 1997-2019 (56.4%)
Samaroli Demerara 1990-2016 (45%)
Corman Collins Diamond 2003-2018 (58.3%)

Nobilis Enmore 1988-2020 (49.1%)
Velier Uitvlugt ULR 1997-2014 (59.7%)
Le Gus’t Demerara Marrons Optimum 2002-2019 (58.8%)
Rum Sponge Caroni 1998-2020 (57.1%)
Velier Monymusk Begnoni 1997-2019 (67.9%)
Rum Artesanal New Yarmouth 2nd edition 2009-2020 (65.7%)
Nobilis Hampden 1993-2020 (65.8%)
SBS New Yarmouth 2005-2018 (67.2%)

That’s the first time we use this event template because of the Covid. We created it to share our thoughts after tasting with friends or some events like Salon du Rhum Belgique when they’ll be able to open doors. We use a star-based rating because we can’t be as accurate as we are when we’re tasting some rums alone at home all the time in a similar setup.

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Rum Runner

Rum Runner Martinique (69.1%)
Rum Runner Cuba 2015-2020 (59.5%)
Rum Runner Belize 2007-2020 (60.9%)
Rum Runner T.D.L 2002-2020 (61.9%)
Rum Runner Monymusk 2007-2020 (61.2%)
Rum Runner Blend (62.5%)
Today let’s discover Rum Runner, a new French independent bottler which started with a range of 6 rums bottled at cask strength.

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