Nobilis Rum W.I.R.D 1986

What a great start we’ve seen for the new Danish independent bottler Nobilis Rum. A great Enmore and a stunner from the Hampden distillery, they’ve set the bar high. It’s time to discover their third rum coming from the West Indies Rum Distillery, using the mysterious Rockley style. I’ll use the very nice Rum Artesanal W.I.R.D 1986 as a benchmark for this one. This Black label rocks, don’t you agree?

Nobilis Rum W.I.R.D 1986-2021 (54.7%, cask #NR03, 167 bottles)

Colour: Gold.
Nose: Obviously the profile is quite close to the Rum Artesanal one, side by side the Danish one has less freshness at nose but has more depth. Honey cereals, black olives, brine, candies, those specific Rockley smoky notes, oak wood, anise, lemon peels, papayas, cardamome, tar and leather. That’s complex and very well balanced. For the comparison I enjoyed a bit more the Rum Artesanal’s nose because it was more fresh with vanilla notes.
Mouth: Here I’m also on a familiar ground and I clearly love it. Very nice creamy-milky texture with a stunning alcohol integration, a bit better than the Rum Artesanal this time. It’s full of delicacy with a very nice aromatic strength. We have honey, vanilla, licorice, smoke, black olives, mangoes, mineral notes, roasted pineapples, bananas, engine oil, oak wood and some tar. Everything match properly, it’s elegant and so easy to sip that you don’t even notice your glass is emptying, I love it.
Finish: Long and warm. Vanilla cream, peppermint, drying dark smoke and some floral notes.

Such a gentleman with plenty of qualities at all levels. That’s a stunner from another type than this Hampden 93, eh, it felt like an eternity but fortunately finally it was worth the wait. Kudos!

Score: 94

I surprise myself to enjoy so much those recent Rockley style releases. Nobilis Rum actually show consistency in their bottlings and we’ll see if it continues on the same way the following days… Make sure you follow us and see you tomorrow already for the 4th Nobilis Rum bottling.
Thanks Kenneth, cheers!

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Nobilis Rum W.I.R.D 1986-2021

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