Nobilis Uitvlugt (PM) 1989

Port Mourant 1989, doesn’t that sound familiar? After those crazy WIRDs I think we’ve another great clash to achieve between Rum Artesanal and Nobilis Rum! On the paper they’re very very close at all levels, let’s see if the glass tells the same story. Unlikely to the WIRDs I hadn’t the opportunity to face them, too bad.

Nobilis Rum Uitvlugt (Port Mourant) 1989-2021 (50.8%, cask #NR06, 219 bottles)

Colour: Dark gold.
Nose: The first statement is the same as the Rum Artesanal one, that’s fresh and fruity for a Port Mourant, woody but not too much. I have oranges, grapefruits, burnt caramel, leather, mocacchino, apples, metallic notes, mangoes, pineapples, nutmeg and some herbal notes. The nose alcohol integration which disturb me a bit with the Rum Artesanal is very nice for the Danish one.
Mouth: It has a nice thick texture. Coffee cream, burnt caramel, honey, noble wood, licorice, mix of dark and milk chocolate, ginger bread, almonds, plums, black grapes, burnt wood and steel. That’s complex with a nice depth, and more one time very easy to sip. I find a bit more the typical Port Mourant aromatic notes in this one but one more time the long ageing did his great job, that’s round and very pleasant.
Finish: Long enough. Burnt wood, peppermint, plums, butter caramel, blackcurrant, red fruits and some mineral notes.

Well executed, it has a very complete profile. I always love pretty much that kind of coffee notes in Demerara’s and it’s not common to meet them with Port Mourant. I love what time had bring to this PM as well, good job!

Score: 90

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Nobilis Rum Uitvlugt (Port Mourant) 1989-2021

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