Nobilis Rum & Excellence Rhum Long Pond 2000-2021

Fourth release and first collaboration for Nobilis Rum, this cask was selected by the well known french shop Excellence Rhum. I recently reviewed some 2000’s Long Pond so let’s see if this one can beat the great Whisky Agency bottling! With “only” 20yo this is the youngest rum released by Nobilis, crazy isn’t it?

Nobilis Rum & Excellence Rhum Long Pond 2000-2021 (54.9%, cask #NR04, 187 bottles)

Colour: Light gold, it’s fully continental aged I guess.
Nose: That’s woody/spicy and not at high esters level. Behind this mix of wet and polished wood I have a huge bunch of fruits such as mangoes, papayas, lemons, grapefruits, blood oranges, pineapples, apples, maple syrup, tannins, white pepper, camphor, mint freshness and some sweet and sour sauce. But overall the wood dominates that nose and it lacks a bit of personality because of it.
Mouth: Nice oily texture and directly the mouth convinced me way more than the nose. It has also a very nice alcohol integration. I’m surprised by those coconuts notes, quite unusual with Long Ponds. Then we have mangoes, papayas, candied lemons & pineapples, blood oranges, glue, brown sugar, vanilla, wet wood, camphor and almonds. The wood is still quite present but it’s more balanced there. That’s not the kind of Jamaican rum that literally kill your palate, it seems to be mature.
Finish: Long. Burnt wood, vanilla pod, eucalyptus freshness, roasted coconuts and marzipan.

I didn’t like the nose that much but the mouth and the finish reversed the trend. Maybe with few years less in the cask the wood would’ve allow the rum to express more himself, but it remains a nice Long Pond without any doubt, good job!

Score: 87

Even if I didn’t consider it in my score, the release price is a bit too high in my opinion, under 200€ would have been more coherent.
Thanks Excellence Rhum & Nobilis Rum for the sample, I can’t wait to discover the #5 tomorrow. Cheers!

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Nobilis Rum & Excellence Rhum Long Pond 2000-2021

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