Nobilis Rum Enmore 1988

This is the first bottling of the brand new Danish independent bottler “Nobilis Rum“.
Nobilis started as a local rum club and has now only 5 members left. As part of this club, Kenneth suggested to the others to start as independent bottler. Kenneth shared with me the Nobilis ideology : they want to release only extraordinary casks, they won’t go on compromise with the quality and they’ll bottle only casks they would buy themselves. So watch out for their upcoming releases and follow us to discover each of them. I’ll review their second bottling next week, a 1993 Hampden.

The five members agreed about this Enmore 88 for their first bottling, coming from the Versailles still with the MEC mark.

Nobilis Rum Enmore (Versailles) 1988-2020 (49.1%, cask #NR01, 160 bottles, MEC)

Colour: Light coffee.
Nose: Sweet and pleasant nose are my first impressions. Milk coffee, bitterish cocoa, milk chocolate, noble wood, almonds, walnuts, iced chestnuts, plums, liquorice, salted butter caramel, sultanas, black grapes and hints of leather. There’s a nice freshness which makes it lighter.
Mouth: Nice oily texture. It’s starting with caramel, tannins, cherry wood, eucalyptus, dark bitter chocolate, liquorice, cocoa beans, plums, brown sugar, toasted bread, sultanas, white pepper, chillies, leather, with some mineral and oil notes. It’s complex and very well balanced.
Finish: Long and powerful. Burnt wood, overcooked caramel, dried fruits, instant coffee, black grapes, coconuts and vanilla.

A very classy and complex Enmore, so easy to sip that it becomes dangerous.

Score: 90

A great start with this Enmore. You should all keep an eye on Nobilis Rum, I really think they’ll grow in the next years.
We’re very grateful for the trust that Kenneth and Nobilis Rum has placed in us and we’re also very happy to share your beginning as bottler, cheers!

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