A young Craigellachie

I always liked what Asta Moris releases, most of the time it’s great quality and low price tag. Let’s try this little frog, I have litterally no idea about what this Craigellachie will be!

Craigellachie 6 yo 2013-2020 (65.3%, Asta Morris, Sherry Cask, cask AM 149, 278 bottles)

Colour: Deep gold.
Nose: Raisins, candied oranges, orange juice, leather, floral notes, bitter chocolate, cocoa.
Mouth: The alcohol is not very well integrated. You can feel the youngness for sure but the texture is oily and delicate and the flavours are powerful. Do you guys like ristretto coffee? There is a lot of coffee in there, deep, concentrated and powerful. bitter coca, sweet chocolate, hints of candied oranges, leather and dusty books.
Finish: Medium. Chocolate, cocoa and freshly cut oranges.

This young Craigellachie is pretty good, I really enjoyed the mouth full of delicious coffee and chocolate. What a shame the alcohol is so present because the profile is gold! A really enjoyable daily dram for sure with a pretty low price tag moreover. Good job one more time fellow countryman!

Score: 85

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