21st february tasting

That’s the first time we use this event template because of the Covid. We created it to share our thoughts after tasting with friends or some events like Salon du Rhum Belgique when they’ll be able to open doors. We use a star-based rating because we can’t be as accurate as we are when we’re tasting some rums alone at home all the time in a similar setup. I already reviewed some rums of the line-up you can reread right there : Saint James Confrérie du Rhum, The Rum Mercenary Uitvlugt 1997, Corman Collins Diamond 2003, Nobilis Enmore 1988, Le Gus’t Demerara Marrons Optimum, Rum Sponge Caroni 1998, Velier Monymusk Begnoni 1997, Nobilis Hampden 1993, SBS New Yarmouth 2005.

Chairman’s Reserve Saint Lucia Salon du Rhum Belgique 8yo (46%, 317 bottles)

Short tasting notes : Very nice starter. I can clearly feel the ex-bourbon influence, there’s a pleasant roundness. Vanilla, leather and some herbal notes.

This one was released for 48€ and it really makes the job, this is a great starter and a very nice introduction to St. Lucia rums.


HSE Single cask 2003-2016 (47.8%)

Short tasting notes : Sweet and pretty well-balanced. The kind of rhum agricole I use to like, the fresh cane notes doesn’t overwhelms the rest. That’s fresh with citruses, wood, butter and vanilla.

Easy sipper alert!


Velier Bielle MG9 2003-2012 (49%)

Short tasting notes : Canon powder and sulfur notes, no doubt it’s a Bielle! Liquorice, citruses, fruity with some herbal notes, with a nice length despite the 49%.

Very well balanced and pleasant, I loved it!


J.Bally Brut de fût 1999-2017 (54.5%, 948 bottles)

Short tasting notes : I didn’t enjoy the 2000 that much to be honest, I heard that one was better and that was true! Dried fruits, wood, spices, nutmeg, butter, dark chocolate, nuts, fresh cane, ginger, tannins, vanilla, cola and caramel.

Complex, powerful but elegant, very nice one!


Samaroli Demerara 1990-2016 (45%)

Short tasting notes : Another mysterious Demerara from Samaroli, I heard it’s an Uitvlugt but who really know? This is somewhere between Uitvlugt and Enmore in my opinion. That’s fruity and slightly bitterish. Liquorice, caramelized apples, dried fruits, liquorice stick and ginger.

It has a nice aromatic strength, what a nice reduction we have there.


Velier Uitvlugt ULR 1997-2014 (59.7%, 1404 bottles)

Short tasting notes : Tropical aged Uitvlugt, I enjoyed a lot the 1996 GS but this one is very different. Coconuts dominates the whole profile in a good way, then we have cherry wood, vanilla, milk chocolate, wood, spices and dried fruits.

Even with such a nice line-up this one raise the bar higher, good job!


Rum Artesanal New Yarmouth 2nd edition 2009-2020 (65.7%, cask #189/191/192, 918 bottles)

Short tasting notes : Jamaica funkyness! Bananas, ripe papayas, sugar, wet wood and smoke with strength and length. Quite similar to 1st batch I already reviewed but you could’ve guess it with the cask numbers.

At 45€ this one is truly amazing, 5-stars value for money, especially in Jamaican rums. Good job Dominik!


That was a crazy sunday tasting with my friend Loris, we’ve been surprised several times by different facts, like every rum we tasted was good in his category but also very different to each other.

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  1. Nicely written article one suggestion is to put the prices of all the rums tasted, this will save some disappointment when like I did googled the Uitvlict and found just how expensive it was


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