Velier Demeraras

Four tropical aged rums from Demerara, bottled by Velier… If you already tried some from that specific category you probably have good memories about it, right?
I already wrote about other members of the family : Uitvlugt 1996 GS, Uitvlugt 1997, Port Mourant 1997.
The two first of today’s tasting were blended in the barrel, it means they were blended as unaged rums and have aged in the same barrel. Quite interesting!

Velier Diamond & Versailles 1996-2014 (57.9%, 2 casks, 570 bottles)

Colour: Dark copper.
Nose: The coffee notes are very present and I enjoy pretty much that kind of notes with Demerara rums. Espresso ristretto, mocha, butter, dark chocolate, steel, honey, burnt caramel, cherry pits, plums, marzipan, polish, pickles, burnt wood, it opens up with citrus notes and eucalyptus freshness. Flying start!
Mouth: Nice thick texture with a surprising sweetness. Milk chocolate, wood, burnt caramel, milk coffee, ginger, leather, cherries, black grapes, plums, mineral notes, blackcurrant and licorice. The mouth is more marked by metallic notes than the nose but it remains well balanced.
Finish: Long enough. Blackcurrant, burnt wood, bitter cocoa, plums, licorice stick and burnt rubber.

What a nice start for this tasting. The mouth is a bit below that great nose but the overall is very pleasant. Good job Luca!

Score: 89

Velier Enmore & Port Mourant 1998-2014 (62.2%, 3 casks, 818 bottles)

Colour: Dark copper.
Nose: Despite the long aeration the nose seems to be less expressive than the first. Mochacchino, oranges, black chocolate, plums, cherries, cocoa beans, tobacco, brown sugar, butter, lemon peels and cola.
Mouth: Soft start, he reveals himself then. Milk chocolate, creamy coffee, licorice stick, wood, fresh cream, mocha, black grapes, brown sugar, burnt caramel, leather, bitter oranges and candied ginger. That’s complex and more expressive than the nose, nice! It looks like Mr. Enmore achieved to hold his little brother Port Mourant, very well balanced mouth.
Finish: Long and warm. Peppermint, cocoa, burnt sugar and tobacco leaves.

On contrary to the Diamond & Versailles, the mouth is one step better than the nose. This one is very nice as well!

Score: 88

Velier Diamond SVW 1999-2014 (64.7%, 5 casks, 1411 bottles)

Colour: Copper.
Nose: Slightly bitter nose. Cherry pits, mix of black and milk chocolate, mocha, almonds, nuts, grapefruits, camphor, wet wood, brown sugar, vanilla and lemons. I like less that kind of bitter profile but let’s see if the mouth is better.
Mouth: Same statement as the nose with a surprising more Barbados-like profile. Coconuts, black chocolate, caramel, wet wood, cherry pits, sea water, chilies, vanilla, polish, almonds, hazelnuts and brown sugar.
Finish: Long enough and warm. Peppermint freshness, vanilla cream and dried fruits.

It’s a bit too marked by the cask and the tropical ageing, the distillate is slightly more tepid.

Score: 85

Velier Port Mourant 1993-2006 (65%, 10 casks, 2994 bottles)

Colour: Light copper.
Nose: The alcohol integration is clearly less better than the three others (they had really nice alcohol integrations by the way). White and yellow fruits such as apples, pears, lemons and grapefruits. Then we have a lot of wood, metallic notes, vanilla, honey, olives, polish, camphor and white pepper. A very typical Port Mourant nose, very different than the Port Mourant 1997 I liked a lot.
Mouth: Same statement as the nose, « very Port Mourant mouth ». Apples, pears, ginger, metallic notes, wet wood, chilies, mineral notes, leather ,fuel, olives, polish and burnt rubber.
Finish: Long and slightly drying. Burnt wood, blackcurrant, raspberries, vanilla and ashes.

This one deserved more ageing in my opinion. I’m not a huge fan of these kind of profile, in addition to the fact that the nose alcohol integration isn’t that good, I enjoyed waaay more the 1997 release.

Score: 80

A very good start but a mixed review overall. There is still a lot of old Velier Demeraras releases to talk about, right? I was pleasantly surprised by these two Blended in the barrel bottlings!
Thanks Jonathan & William for the samples, cheers.

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