A crazy mix of casks!

Here is on of the last Springbank release and to be honest the strange casks composition surprised me a bit so I decided to try it!

Springbank 17yo 2002-2020 (47.8%, OB, Rum/Bourbon mix & 3y Fresh Madeira, 9200 bottles)

Colour: Deep copper.
Nose: Mineral notes, spices, pepper, peaches, peach pits, hints exotic fruits, ginger, wet straw, hints of peat. Nice one!
Mouth: The alcohol integration is quite good the texture is very oily. Noble wood and wood dryness at first that rapidly evolves towards peach pits notes, raisins, honey, caramel, toffee and hints of red berries.
Finish: Mid-long. It’s more fruity and round with coffee, smoke, honey, caramel and toffee notes.

It’s also a very good daily dram but in my opinion there is no real complexity in this one.

Score: 88

This dram is quite good but it’s going a bit everywhere profile-wise without excelling in a specific area and as a result, I still prefer the simple 12yo CS.
There are still bottles available in many stores.

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