Samaroli Barbados 1986

Barbados, 1986, hmmm, what are you thinking about? We can read West Indies Rum Refinery on that colourful label and that’s the reason why I picked that sample today! I’ll review some W.I.R.D in the next weeks and I consider this one as a warm-up. Let’s keep our feets on the ground, a Rockley style 1986 selected by Silvano Samaroli must be a serious warm-up.

Samaroli Barbados 1986-2006 (45%, cask #8, 348 bottles)

Colour: Light gold.
Nose: The alcohol is a bit too present for this ABV but it has a nice aromatic strength. Smoke, polished wood, nutmeg, licorice stick, almonds, plums, vanilla, dark bitter chocolate, peanuts, pencils, marzipan and mangoes.
Mouth: Nice oily texture. The feeling is a bit too watery first but it become stronger and drying then. Smoke, wood, tannins, honey candies, nuts, pencils, grapes, bananas, plums, licorice, chilies, mineral notes, ginger, strawberry candies, canon powder, blackcurrant and cloves. It lacks a bit of complexity but that’s (not surprisingly) elegant.
Finish: Long and warm. Honey, vanilla, cocoa, vegetal notes, thick smoke, burnt wood, candied lemons, peppermint and red fruits. This finish makes you forget you actually drink a 45 ABV rum, nice one!

I’d qualify the overall feeling as quite simple with the Samaroli signature, the simple elegance as I can say.

Score: 85

That’s the kind of bottling you that won’t have many opportunities to taste, a piece of history in a manner of speaking. Time has passed in 15 years and this one is a very nice introduction to the WIRD Rockley style mysterious world.
Thanks Ludo for the sample, cheers!

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