The deer & the wolf!

Here are two bottles that I wanted to try for a long time given all the good feedbacks some friends gave me, so today we managed to both of their Springbank bottlings!
I already tasted their Lagavulin release which was fantastic so I have high expectations but I know the mindset of these bottlers and they make a point at only releasing true gems so let’s give those a try!

Springbank 19yo 2000-2019 (50.8%, Wu Dram Clan, Refill Sherry Hogshead, cask #669, 249 bottles)

Colour: Straw.
Nose: No alcohol presence at all. Young yellow and white fruits, chalk, mineral notes, paraffine, engine oil, delicate light wood smoke, wet wool and grapefruit notes on the background.
Mouth: The alcohol is perfectly integrated and the texture is very oily. A small burst of paraffin at first, rapidly overtaken by ripe fruits and lemon zest freshness and citruses juice, sooty notes, white pepper, yeast, mineral notes and hints of herbal notes.
Finish: Long. Mainly on citruses freshness, pepper and hints of candle wax.

What a wonderful Springbank we have there to start with! It’s a really fresh and mineral profile that I just can’t stop loving. No real trace in the profile from the refill sherry cask here except maybe those engine oil and paraffin notes which were a good addition to the mix.

Score: 90

Springbank 26yo 1992-2020 (47.7%, Wu Dram Clan, Bourbon Barrel, cask #153b, 111 bottles)

Colour: Gold with coppery hues.
Nose: Propolis, heather honey, beeswax, chalk, mineral notes, mangoes, pineapples, iodine, sea salt, medicinal notes and candied lemon zest adding some freshness but keeping the roundness to a lovely level.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfectly integrated and the texture is very thick and oily. Brine, sea salt, iodine, seashells, smoked herrings, Belgian mussels, olive oil, peach and apricot marmalade, heather, chalk, honey and some very nice pepper mint, freshly cut mint leaves, camphor, eucalyptus adding a lot of freshness to the end of this mouth.
Finish: Long. Brine, see weed, sea salt, hints of heather honey, wax and ripe exotic fruits but they are overwhelmed by the rest. There is still that wonderful mentholated freshness lingering for so long, well at least till the next sip!

What a fantastic dram!
The only problem I can see with this one is probably the fact that the level will quickly decrease once open, trust me. (Yes my sample was instantly dry as a bone!)

Score: 91

These two Springbanks are just stunning, kudos to the guys from the Wu Dram Clan for your flawless selections!
It’s really easy to drink, perfectly integrated, powerful and balanced. I’ll take both for sure but if I had to choose, the wolf of Campbeltown has my preference given the top notch complexity.
I hope that I’ll drink more of those Clan bottlings in the future given the quality consistency!

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