Campbeltown open day 2020

Let’s try some bottlings released for the Virtual Open day of the Campbeltown festival 2020!

A speyside distillery 18yo 2001-2020 (52.3%, Cadenhead, Bourbon and Sherry casks, 552 bottles)

Colour: Copper with deep gold hues.
Nose: Alcohol presence, solvents, herbal notes, straw, eucalyptus notes, white pepper, freshly cut wood, cinnamon, oranges and lemons in the background.
Mouth: The alcohol integration not very good. Spices, cinnamon, leather, dusty books , old cigar box, honey, caramel, hints of black and red berries in the background
Finish: Medium. Spices, cinnamon, salted butter caramel and a lot of wood.

It’s a fairly simple round sherry profile, the alcohol integration is not very good but the dram is still enjoyable to drink as a simple daily dram!

Score: 86

Hazelburn 18yo 2001-2020 (47.4%, OB, Fresh Bourbon Barrels, 792 bottles)

Colour: Deep gold.
Nose: Brine, iodine, delicate wood smoke (Oh?!), herbal notes, white pepper, mentholated freshness, flower honey, pineapples, mangoes and hints of tropical fruits marmalade.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is good. Straw, pepper, herbal notes, cloves, mangoes, pineapples and wood smoke again! There also some hints of mineral notes, straw and even cold ashes.
Finish: Long. Cold ashes, wood smoke , fresh mint, pepper and mangoes with some mineral notes here and there.

A very good Hazelburn. This smoke in the profile is a true surprise but to be honest it’s really good! I like that herbal and smoky profile!

Score: 88

Longrow 10yo 2020 (53.7%, OB, 2x Fresh Pinot Noir & 2x Refill Malbec Casks, 1284 bottles)

Colour: Dark gold with auburn hues.
Nose: No alcohol presence. A lot of farmy peat, BBQ sauce, cold ashes, wood smoke, bacon, leather, plums, licorice and hints of candied orange peel. Lovely Peat & Meat profile!
Mouth: The alcohol integration is good and the texture is oily. Peat & meat at first and it’s quite powerful! Cold ashes, wood smoke, BBQ sauce, smoky meat, plums, citruses, licorice, red berries and bitter chocolate on the background
Finish: Long. Smoke, cold ashes, red berries, cloves and earthy notes.

I was afraid by the cask types but finally it’s very good and I didn’t found any wine notes.
I’ll say it one more time : Delicious Peat & Meat profile!

Score: 89

That’s quite unfortunate that the 2020 festival edition has to be virtual but the quality of the bottlings is still there as you can see!

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