Valinch & Mallet 2021

Hard to catch, isn’t it? Valinch & Mallet released four new rums, the today’s trio + a Foursquare. The black and gold bottles looks veeery nice, I hope to see more in the future!

Valinch & Mallet Enmore 1994-2020 (52.5%, cask #71, 215 bottles, REV)

Colour: As expected with REV, dark coffee with ruby hues.
Nose: The alcohol integration could have been a bit better. Mix of milk and dark chocolate, licorice, mocha, metallic notes, wood, tobacco, butter, lemons, oranges, cigar box and some herbal notes.
Mouth: Thick texture with a nice alcohol integration this time. That’s sweet but aromatic in the same time. Burnt brown sugar, ginger, wood, tannins, ashes, tobacco, licorice stick, bitter cocoa, caramel, black grapes, plums and sultanas. Overall a pleasant mouth that makes it easy to sip.
Finish: Mid-long and warm. Vanilla, cola, burnt wood, overcooked caramel, plums and some citrus notes.

If the nose alcohol integration would have been better the score would be 90+. Anyway it remains a nice one!

Score: 89

Valinch & Mallet Long Pond 2005-2020 (56.8% cask #15, 325 bottles, VRW)

Colour: Copper.
Nose: Same flaw than his brother Enmore, the alcohol is a bit too present. I directly felt the tropical ageing at nose, I went check on the Valinch & Mallet website and I was right, 13 years of tropical ageing for this one! It makes me think about the Velier Vale Royale release in some ways. The VRW mark mean low esters so wood and spices are very present. Then we have mangoes, papayas, caramelized pineapples, cherry pits, vanilla, cake dough, apricot pie and bitter oranges.
Mouth: Quite similar profile to the nose. Wood, spices, solvents, cherry wood, mangoes, roasted pineapples, vanilla, citruses, glue, menthol, apricots, chilies and oranges. That’s well balanced but it lacks a bit of something extra.
Finish: Long, warm and slightly drying. Pineapples, wood and vanilla sugar.

That’s not the kind of profile I prefer, but if you loved the Velier Vale Royale you’ll love this one for sure.

Score: 82

Valinch & Mallet Jamaica blend (56.3% cask #2093, 285 bottles)

Colour: Gold.
Nose: Boom! Another face from Jamaica. As you know I like estery ones but don’t forget it’s far from being enough to be a good rum in my opinion. The alcohol integration is nice this time. New Yarmouth and Hampden profiles leads the way. Vinegar, polish, glue, overripe bananas, green olives, candied lemons, pineapples and some herbal notes.
Mouth: Wiser than expected but not in a bad way. Candied and caramelized fruits, mangoes, bananas, passion fruits, vanilla sugar, honey, black olives, polish, wet wood, peaches and ripe papayas (say hello to Long pond).
Finish: Long enough. Smoke, honey, nuts, ashes and some roasted notes.

A gateway to high esters rums because it’s accessible, that’s a nice blend!

Score: 86

I was expecting more from this Enmore 1994 even if it’s good, if you were asking like I did, it’s not as good as the Rum Artesanal release from the same vintage in my opinion.
Thanks Dimitri (Á la recherche des Saveurs) for the samples, cheers!

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