Longrow « Society Bottling » 2019

The last Longrow I tasted was very good so I looked after another one on my stashes and here is what I found.

Longrow 2007 11yo « Society Bottling » 2007-2019 (56.9%, OB, Refill Re-charred Sherry Butts, 2250 bottles)

Colour: Deep gold with copper hues.
Nose: No sherry notes in there. Wood smoke, brine, iodine, cold ashes after a campfire on the beach!
Mouth: The alcohol integration is very good and the texture is very thick and oily. Deep wood smoke, hints of lemons, citruses, cold ashes, campfire, brine, iodine, mineral notes and chalk in the background.
Finish: Long. Deep wood smoke, citruses, iodine and lemons all over the place!

It’s clearly lacking a bit of complexity but all the rest is mastered. That’s an highly enjoyable young Longrow, where the distillate presence is king! This bewitching wood smoke is just delicious!

Score: 89

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