Young Hampden ester bombs!

Ester bombs alert! The 2007 vintage normally means C<>H mark, there is no doubts it’s gonna be funky! But esters and young didn’t match every time in my own experience so let’s see how they are!

Kill Devil Hampden 2007-2018 (63.5%, 339 bottles)

Colour: Straw.
Nose: That’s crazy and fruity, surprising isn’t it? Overripe bananas, white peaches, mangoes, candied lemons, caramelized pineapples, leather and fuel. There are pleasant seaside notes which fit very well with the fruity notes, smoked sardines, brine and black olives. That’s a promising start…
Mouth: The alcohol integration is very nice and if you’re still asking, this is a fruity bomb. It’s astringent and acidulous but not unpleasant. Pineapple juice, bananas, lemons, peaches, apricots, smoked fish, olives, grapefruits and coconuts. That’s maybe not the most complex mouth ever but that’s effective for sure.
Finish: Long. Dark smoke, burnt wood, vanilla, roasted pineapples and roasted coconuts.

What a crazy value for money! This one cost around 80€ but if you live in EU you’re a bit too late because it was released for The Whisky Barrel, a UK based web-shop. Good job!

Score: 88

Twelve Hampden 2007-2018 (68.5%, 450 bottles)

Colour: Light gold.
Nose: It’s a little bit different than the first, the nose is less expressive but rounder. Bananas, mangoes, ripe papayas, peaches, roasted pineapples, vanilla, cake dough, black olives, polish, glue, cinnamon and canned sardines. It seems a bit struggled and shy.
Mouth: That’s warm, astringent with a pleasant oily texture. We’re grinding watts but the alcohol integration is pretty nice for this ABV. Ripe pineapples, vanilla, bananas, solvents, glue, white peaches, candied lemons, oranges, pastries, sugary notes that contrast with the fruity ones.
Finish: Long. Less smoke than the first one, custard cream, vanilla sugar, caramelized pineapples and mangoes.

With that power, one glass will be enough for your night, trust me! I enjoyed the delicacy inside that power, but it seems a bit too young in the profile after all.

Score: 85

Flensburg Hampden 2007-2020 (66.8%, 252 bottles)

Colour: Light gold.
Nose: More similar to the first one’s profile but I directly feel it was aged longer, it’s more complex and structured. Bananas, glue, polished wood, white peaches, mangoes, lemons, oranges, grapefruits, fuel and marzipan. This ester bomb put on a suit, that’s surprising!
Mouth: Astringent and powerful, close to burn my gums but the alcohol is well integrated. Fruity ester bomb one for the third time today! Pineapples, candied lemons, peaches, fresh orange juice, marzipan, camphor and peppermint.
Finish: Long and slightly bitterish. Thick smoke, tar, sugar, black olives and burnt hay.

This one is more mature than the two others, good job!

Score: 88

If you’re able to drink more than a glass of this trio in your sofa I applaud you. Damn that’s crazy! Final score is a draw between Flensburg and Kill Devil because each has its strength, and honestly I enjoyed both.
Jamaica funkyness is the keyword of the day, eh, you know I love it. Cheers!

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Kill Devil Hampden 2007-2018
Twelve Hampden 2007-2018
Flensburg Hampden 2007-2020

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