Nobilis Rum Hampden 1993

As a high ester rum fan, this one sounds pretty amazing to me on the paper, 1993 is a well-known Hampden vintage because of legendary bottlings by Samaroli or Cave Guildive for example, let’s see if this one joins them to the top!

Nobilis Rum Hampden 1993-2020 (65.8%, cask #NR02, 168 bottles, C<>H)

Colour: Gold.
Nose: Not any doubt it’s a true Hampden! The alcohol is perfectly integrated. Esters, fresh pineapples, ripe bananas, oranges, lemon peels, stewed yellow fruits, glue, polish, mint, grilled sardines, meringue, pie dough, grapefruits, straw, ginger and thyme.
Mouth: Powerful but the alcohol integration is really amazing. It’s very fruity with a nice oily texture. Fresh pineapple juice, flambéed bananas, green and black olives, light wood, cherry tomatoes, coal, petrol, wood glue, solvents, ginger, vanilla sugar, coconuts and caramelized fruits. There’s also a slightly iodized side with brine and herrings. The secret of a good dessert is to balance sugar with acidity, it’s exactly what I feel in this mouth, I love it.
Finish: Long and fancy. Thick smoke, vanilla sugar, mint, bananas, baked fruits and a few drops of olive oil.

Wow! This one is truly stunning, long speeches would be useless. Kudos to Nobilis!

Score: 94

This one takes part of the best Hampden’s I could ever taste so far. Good job, I can’t wait to discover the third Nobilis Rum bottling!

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    • To be honest it’s the first 1993 Hampden I taste. Indeed I tasted lot of 1990/1992 and this one overwhelms them. I’ll review the Guildive Hampden 93 in the following weeks so you’ll be able to compare my scores.


  1. Thx for the review! Are you able to share what is the bottle’s retail price? It is not out in the market yet it seems.

    Also, Antoine were you in SG in 2015-2016? I think your name popped up before in the whisky scene here =D


    • You’re welcome. Actually I can’t talk about the retail price, Nobilis will do in the following weeks on their Facebook page.
      We weren’t drinking whisky/rum in 2015-2016 so it couldn’t be us (Sébastien or Antoine) 🙂


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  7. this was released around the same time as the 93 Golden Devil (Kill Devil re-branded for American market) 27yr at 64% in a 375ml – tasting notes could easily be swapped


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