Old Samaroli Hampdens

As you may know, I love this Hampden old stuff, you should take a look in our Jamaica page which fill up more and more! I had a chance to taste these two old and rare single casks selected by Silvano Samaroli, they’re both reduced at the standard Samaroli 45 ABV.

Samaroli Hampden 1992-2007 (45%, cask #9849, 258 bottles)

Colour: Dark straw.
Nose: The reduction seems to be well executed, that’s aromatic and there’s no alcohol presence at all. Ripe pineapples, caramelized pears, smoked beef, honey, papayas, polished wood, smoke, fuel and bubblegum.
Mouth: That’s what I’m afraid of, the feeling is too watery and not very pleasant, unlike the nose. Pineapples, burnt wood, tannins, honey, chilies, green bananas, candied fruits and marzipan.
Finish: Long enough and bitterish. Dark smoke, vanilla, exotic and dried fruits.

I really enjoyed the nose but the rest wasn’t at the same level, too bad!

Score: 84

Samaroli Hampden 1993-2015 (45% cask #40, 360 bottles)

Colour: Dark straw.
Nose: I can clearly feel the ester step-up, but still with maturity and class that remember you actually drink a Samaroli bottling. Overripe bananas, pineapples, polish, glue, lemons, leather, black olives, marzipan and vinegar.
Mouth: Pleasant texture, that’s thicker than the first one and way less watery, phew! That’s slightly acidulous with lemons, almonds, bananas, roasted pineapples, basil, black olives, iodized notes and glue. Of course don’t expect the power of a cask strength rum but it clearly have the Jamaica funkyness.
Finish: Long. Honey, burnt wood, black olives, brine and vanilla.

Way better than the first one, a well executed easy sipper but honestly we’re far from the famous full proof release.

Score: 87

Of course that’s useless to drink this kind of the rum the same day as the Nobilis or The Rum Cask 26yo, but if tonight you want to drink a Jamaican rum alone in your sofa, those fill the bill perfectly!
Thanks Marco for the samples and Quentin for that crazy picture that you guys may have seen already.

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