Corman Collins 2020 SC

Hubert Corman told me to arranged this tasting in this particular order so if you taste them at home you should do the same. Something hits me at the first look, I didn’t expect the Caroni’s to have the lightest colours of the whole line-up!

Corman Collins Enmore 1992-2020 (57.5%, 215 bottles, cask #10, MEC)

Colour: Dark Demerara rum, dark coffee.
Nose: The kind of nose I usually like. Caramel, brown sugar, milk coffee, mocha, dried fruits, plums, hazelnuts, some wood presence but way less than expected after 28yo. Butter, liquorice, milk chocolate, eucalyptus and pine wood. I could smell it for hours.
Mouth: Very nice thick texture, it’s a bit more bitterish than the nose. Liquorice and anise are well present. Butter, burnt wood, roasted notes, plums, sultanas, muscovado sugar, cocoa beans, black grapes, cola, nuts, almonds, burnt caramel and dark chocolate.
Finish: Long and warm. The finish follows the same pattern as the mouth. It’s slightly bitterish with dark chocolate, burnt wood, licorice, cocoa powder, cherries and hints of vanilla.

I got a crush on the nose. A very pleasant old school & well balanced Enmore!

Score: 91

Corman Collins Clarendon 2004-2020 (59.8%, 296 bottles, cask #433883, MMW)

Colour: This is maybe the most surprising colour of the four, dark copper. I directly guess that’s the result of partially/totally tropical ageing.
Nose: Wow that’s fruity! Mangoes, papayas, passion fruits, roasted pineapples, grapefruits, oranges, apples and candied lemons. As it has the Jamaican DNA I can also smell esters, polish and glue, then some wood and camphor.
Mouth: It’s powerful, warm and astringent, the alcohol is well integrated. This is as fruity as the nose. Ripe pineapples, bananas, papayas and quinces. I also have mint, camphor, eucalyptus, cherry wood, leather and some petrol notes.
Finish: Long and very fresh. Vanilla, eucalyptus, peppermint, wet wood, leather, blackcurrants and violet flowers.

I really think it has been partially/totally tropically aged. As Clanrendon/MM is usually not my cup of tea, this one is the third I enjoy, good job!

Score: 89

Corman Collins Caroni 1997-2020 Blog à Roger (58.5%, 210 bottles, cask #127)

Colour: Copper.
Nose: There we have a fruity nose, nice! Exotic fruits, pineapples, mangoes, apricots, oranges, vanilla, leather, petrol, rubber, cake dough, brown sugar, a real fruit pie with the Caroni vibe. There’s also a pleasant minty freshness.
Mouth: I find the exotic fruits again with bananas and pineapples but the Heavy Trinidad Rum side get the upper hand in contradiction to the nose. It’s dry with burnt rubber, leather, tobacco, dark oil, bitter cocoa, young wood, peppermint and Italian fresh gorgonzola (surprising, isn’t it?).
Finish: Long and warm. Burnt wood, mangoes, vanilla, cinnamon stick, leather, caramelized fruits, smoke, custard cream and pastries that leaves a sweet feeling.

A two-facets Caroni, I would describe it as a calm strength.

Score: 89

Corman Collins Caroni 1998-2020 (61%, 232 bottles, cask #2162, HTR)

Colour: Copper.
Nose: The aromas are more sharper than it was in the previous one. It’s slightly bitterish. Wood, rubber, tyres, petrol, leather, peppermint, dark chocolate, caramelized pineapples, vanilla and citruses.
Mouth: It’s powerful but again the alcohol is well integrated. Wood, tannins, caramelized apples, peaches, engine oil, leather, camphor, pepper and anise. It’s slightly spiced and iodized with some roasted notes.
Finish: Very long and bitterish. The vanilla dominates the finish, followed by pastries, buttered bun and cake dough.

That kind of finish brings some contrast and sweetness to the beast.

Score: 90

One more time Hubert Corman shows consistency in his selections, we’ve got four very solid releases there! I think that only the personal taste can decide between those Caroni’s, I liked a bit more the 1998, I hope you’ll forgive me, Roger?
My favourite of the day was the good old Enmore. Huge thanks Hubert for the samples, cheers!

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