Clash of the Titans – New Yarmouth 2005

As usual I let the rums around 30min in the glasses before starting the tasting session, I can tell you these four crazy Jamaicans changed the whole room fragrance! But I’ll soon receive my « Esters & co » t-shirt so I couldn’t turn back.

Compagnie des Indes New Yarmouth 2005-2018 (55%, cask #JNY15, 326 bottles)

Colour: Straw.
Nose: Powerful even for 55% ABV. Solvents, polish, glue, honey, butter, buns, pineapples, lemons, blood oranges, grapefruits, green olive tapenade and nutmeg. I can also smell some fresh soil behind this acidulous side.
Mouth: Sour and astringent. Vinegar, brine, solvents, fresh paint, pineapple juice, butter, bananas, burnt wood smoke and a bunch of citruses.
Finish: Long and dry. Lacquered wood, thick smoke, hints of ripe fruits, grapefruits, roasted nuts and almonds.

This is a great starter for this line-up, not stunning but a nice balance between power and aromas.

Score: 86

Wild Parrot New Yarmouth LMDW 2005-2019 (66.6%, cask #WP05666)

Colour: Straw.
Nose: I already smelt the four and I can say this one has the most powerful nose, what an ester bomb! Overripe fruits, pineapples, bananas, mix of lemons and limes, cinnamon, Belgian speculoos, camphor and cumin. The polish is very present as it’s in the CDI.
Mouth: Very nice thick texture there. The alcohol is perfectly integrated and it’s very fruity. Ripe bananas and pineapples, lemons, vinegar, cinnamon, candied fruits, polish, chilies with some roasted notes. The mouth finishes with a sweeter side, persimmons and kumquats.
Finish: Very long and dry. Vanilla, mangoes, dark smoke, burnt wood, wheat, cocoa beans and brown sugar. It also have mineral and iodine notes.

If you like high esters and powerful rums with some complexity (I do) you should love this one, good job!

Score: 91

SBS New Yarmouth 2005-2018 (67.7%, 245 bottles)

Colour: Straw.
Nose: As powerful as the Wild Parrot, but there’s something new there, this is rounder and even more complex. Flowers, vanilla cream, polish, vanilla sugar, caramelised pineapples, citruses, fruit paste, lemons, solvents, vinegar with some herbal notes. This one smells like a great lemon meringue pie.
Mouth: Nice thick texture again, the alcohol is perfectly integrated as well. It’s powerful and astringent. There’s of course some similarities with the two previous, vinegar, polish, fruit salad, superglue and roasted notes. I have some extras with white pepper, chilies, aromatic flowers, wood glue and noble wood. The mouth is very complex as the nose is.
Finish: Long of course. It’s bitterish with burnt wood, smoke, freshly baked bread, almond powder, cakes and glue.

Very well balanced from the beginning to the end, the finish adds some sweetness to the beast.

Score: 91

Cave Guildive New Yarmouth 2005-2017 (68%)

Colour: Light straw, the lightest of the line-up.
Nose: I’m starting to get used to solvents, glue and polish! This one is a bit lighter and has some freshness. I also have again vinegar, lemons, bananas, mangoes, black olives, lemon cakes and some iodine notes.
Mouth: One more time the alcohol is perfectly integrated, it’s powerful, bitterish and sour in the same time. Lacquered wood, lemons, straw, blood oranges, fresh grapefruit juice, quinces, black grapes and some camphor.
Finish: Very long. Burnt wood, unsweetened dark chocolate, flowers, liquorice, violet candies, rose, blackcurrant, what a finish!

The finish is really different than the others, a really great one!

Score: 90

Four great bottlings there, there’s of course some similarities between them but with time I could find my favourite(s), I loved the SBS with his surprising roundness but the conclusion of the day is, if you find one of these 4 bottlings today, go for it!
Thanks a lot to Loris & Stéphane for the samples, cheers.

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Compagnie des Indes New Yarmouth 2005-2018
Wild Parrot New Yarmouth LMDW 2005-2019
SBS New Yarmouth 2005-2018
Cave Guildive New Yarmouth 2005-2017

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