J.Bally Brut de fût 1999

You could have had my first impressions about this bottling in the 21st february tasting but I wanted to go further because it really got my attention! As you may know, I’m not a huge fan of agricole rhums but some already stunned me in a good way. I didn’t like the Bally 2000 but friends told me to taste the 1999, let’s see if they were right!

J.Bally Brut de fût LMDW 1999-2017 (54.5%, 948 bottles)

Colour: 35yo tropical aged coca cola with some ruby hues, beautiful!
Nose: That’s concentrated and aromatic. Wood is in da place but it doesn’t dominates at all. Bitter oranges, lemon peels, butter, dark and milk chocolate, ginger, fresh cane, burnt caramel, nuts, coffee, mushrooms, leather, nutmeg, mocha and cola. That’s complex, the kind of nose you can dive inside for a looong time.
Mouth: Nice thick texture and what a sweetness at first! Then it becomes more and more stronger without any alcohol interference. Noble wood, citrus jam, ginger, chilies, oranges, caramelized pecan nuts, there’s also the dried fruits bitterness but that’s not excessive. Vanilla, toasted bread, cocoa, almonds and that mushroom notes we had at nose.
Finish: Long and warm. Cola, vanilla, black grapes, brown sugar, peppermint and wood. Vanilla and peppermint combo makes the finish more fresh and aerial, it results as a great balance with the heavy nose and mouth.

That works pretty well, one more agricole rhum I add to the top! Hopefully far ahead of the 2000 release in my opinion.

Score: 91

That’s a very nice selection we had there. I really need to discover more J.Bally rums, especially the 1998 release that I didn’t have tasted yet.
Thanks Ludo for this one, cheers!

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J.Bally Brut de fût LMDW 1999-2017

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