An IB Port Charlotte

Here we go with a Port Charlotte from the independent bottlers Thompson Brothers so let’s hope it’s good! I like this label very much!

Port Charlotte 17yo 2002-2020 (49.7%, Thompson Brothers, 217 bottles)

Colour: Light gold with copper hues, very nice color!
Nose: Iodine, seaweed, sea salt, brine, lemons, delicate wood smoke on the beach, citruses freshness and finally another round of a deeper wood smoke.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is very thick and oily. Aerial and coastal peat, deep and powerful wood smoke, sea salt, lemons, aromatic herbs and campfire notes.
Finish: Long. A deep and multi-layered wood smoke letting slowly more and more space for cold ashes notes, white pepper and coastal notes. The end of the finish is mostly on cold ashes and delicate wood smoke notes.

A very nice Port Charlotte indeed! I liked the fact that the distillate expresses itself so well while the alcohol is still perfectly integrated. It’s quite powerful and not overly complex but it still does the job pretty well!

Score: 90

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