Rum Artesanal – 2nd wave of 2021

Two months ago I discovered and enjoyed the new Rum Artesanal bottlings including the very nice W.I.R.D from 1986. The least we can say is that they’re not sleeping! In this trio, nothing less than the oldest Fiji release ever, the first Hampden release from 1989 and a 31yo Port Mourant, that’s quite interesting on the paper, but if the paper was saying everything you wouldn’t be there, right? So let’s see how they are…

Rum Artesanal Fiji 2001-2021 (62.8%, cask #2, 281 bottles)

Colour: Gold.
Nose: What the h*ll, that’s the first words that come to my mind! There’s some typical 2001 Fiji’s notes but this is way stronger and expressive than lot of them. Nail polish, glue, herbal notes, smoked beef, wood, leather, fuel, overripe bananas, lemons, pineapples, fresh soil and grapefruits.
Mouth: Same statement as the nose, that’s powerful! The alcohol is well integrated and it has a nice oily texture. It starts slowly and show gradually his true strength. The solvents and glue aromas are very present, we also have polished wood, rotten bananas, papayas, candied lemons, leather, mineral notes, pepper and some vegetal notes.
Finish: Long, warm and slightly bitterish. Thick smoke, peppermint, dark chocolate, vanilla and red berries.

Lot of 2001 Fijis are diluted and this one brings something different, a more raw experience with the pros and the cons, but one of the best Fiji I could’ve taste so far.

Score: 87

Rum Artesanal Uitvlugt PM 1989-2021 (50.1% cask #223, 329 bottles)

Colour: Dark gold.
Nose: Quite powerful for that ABV with a slight alcoholic peak. As expected after 31 years there’s some wood, a lot of wood, but happily it doesn’t overwhelms the other aromas. Noble wood, milk chocolate, coconuts, citruses such as oranges and lemon peels, mangoes, roasted pineapples, honey, leather and some metallic notes. The nose is surprisingly fruity for a PM.
Mouth: Very pleasant creamy texture. The mouth starts with the wood and spices we had with the nose, then we have white pepper, tannins, noble wood, milk and dark chocolate, burnt caramel, ginger bread, almonds, plums, liquorice stick, metallic notes and fuel. Everything match without any aggressiveness that we can sometimes find with Port Mourant, that’s smooth and classy, very nice!
Finish: Long. Burnt wood, canon powder, tobacco, bitter cocoa, dried fruits, vanilla cream and bitter oranges.

If you don’t like woody rums you won’t enjoy it that much in my opinion. I’m really impressed of what the long ageing brings to this Port Mourant, we’re clearly far away from the young and extreme PM profiles, good job!

Score: 89

Rum Artesanal Hampden 1989-2021 (67.6% cask #211, 179 bottles, HGML)

Colour: Gold.
Nose: Booom it explodes in your nose like a bomb. That’s so estery, in a blind tasting I would’ve say that this is higher than HGML so far. Paste jar, fresh paint, overripe bananas, candied lemons, fuel, mangoes, grapefruits, we also have an iodized side with black olives, sea water and smoked sardines. There’s also some wood but he seems to be a victim in this crazy nose!
Mouth: Very nice thick texture and the alcohol integration is nice as well for this high ABV. It seems to be sweet first but wait, that’s coming. In mouth the fruits are more candied and slightly sugary, it brings a pleasant roundness to that strength. That’s complex, evolutive and astringent (a bit too much). Vanilla, glue, candied lemons, coconuts, marzipan, ripe bananas, raw salmon, candied pineapples, olive oil, green olives, polished wood and fuel.
Finish: Looong, warm and slightly drying. Dark smoke (but not too much), cold ashes, glue and some candy notes.

Don’t expect the delicacy of the 35yo releases from this one to be honest, that’s an ester bomb close to 68%. Sensitive people, be careful! Only the slightly over-astringency made it lost some points but the overall is still stunning.
Small hint, do dishes, don’t let your glass in the sink until tomorrow morning or you’ll regret it.

Score: 91

One more time Rum Artesanal shows consistency in their bottlings. The most different fact between this release and the previous one is that this time each of them was truly surprising in their own way.
Well done Dominik, it seems Rum Artesanal continues to rise… Thanks for the samples, cheers!

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