An old « young Laphroaig »

To continue in this Laphroaig young OB’s series I found a very interesting dram! Here is a « Red Stripe » version of the 10yo, released in 2005’s years it slowly waited 15yo in a bottle to be tasted today!

Laphroaig 10yo Cask Strength « ~2005 » (57.3%, OB, Red Stripe)

Colour: Gold with copper hues.
Nose: It’s very integrated, you can easily feel that it’s an oldie. Mentholated freshness, citruses, iodine, sea salt, seaweed, brine and oysters. It’s round, waxy and perfectly integrated. Wow, things are starting well!
Mouth: The alcohol is perfectly integrated, you can’t feel any alcohol in there but it’s still absolutely powerful flavour-wise. The texture is very thick and and it’s really complex. OBE notes, freshly cut mushrooms, yeast, coastal peat, brine, lemons, wood smoke, oysters, campfire, citruses and mentholated freshness. Everything comes and goes on different level like fireworks. Those slowly fades letting a complex mix of cold ashes and noble wood smoke express themselves adding some dryness to the mix which is perfectly balanced by the remaining freshness.
Finish: Very long. Coastal peat and a bewitching noble wood smoke balancing the citruses and mentholated freshness for a very very long time.

This dram is quite stunning given the fact that it’s a 10yo only. 15 years in a bottle could do some miracles, trust me!
It’s fully balanced, the complexity is top notch, the alcohol integration is perfect and the profile is very integrated. And all of this is delivered on a very powerful level of flavour, just stunning!

Score: 92

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