What a crazy live!

If some of you didn’t hit our live last Sunday here is the summary, without the laugh and the cringes, well it seems there is a video of it just at the bottom of this article!

Hazelburn 11yo 2007-2019 (54.2%, OB, Re-charred Bourbon Hogsheads, 1314 bottles)

Colour: Light gold.
Nose: It’s round and mineral. Delicate but very present wood smoke, earthy notes, young yellow fruits, apples, citruses and spices. It’s quite powerful overall!
Mouth: The alcohol is well integrated and the texture is quite oily. A lot of fresh yellow fruits, apples, orange, limes, lemons, wood smoke and hints of vegetal notes too.
Finish: Medium. A lot of fruitiness loved inside this particular and bewitching wood smoke, hints of citruses freshness, lemons and oranges.

That’s a pretty nice starter! It’s very simple but it’s also easy to drink and simple to enjoy!

Score: 87

LE GIN « Batch 1 » (75%, Old Brothers)

Colour: Clear water.
Nose: The alcohol is not that much present for 75% ABV, citruses, mentholated freshness, maple syrup, grassy notes, solvants, and juniper of course.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is impressive for that kind of ABV. A burst of juniper, menthol, citruses and white pepper. It’s fresh and spicy with hints of wood and smoke.
Finish: Powerful and quite short, medium at best. Wood smoke, earthy notes, pink peppercorns and juniper.

That’s a very nice surprise, given the ABV I had some fears but the integration is just very very good, nice job as always!

Sacapalabras « Espadín » (49.5%, OB, Mezcal Ancestral, 7-12yo Agave)

Colour: Cristal clear.
Nose: A lot of deep smoke and then some things in the background as grassy notes, wet straw, tobacco leaves and freshly cut grass
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect. Way less smoke, everything is more balanced now. It’s quite evolutive, starting with fresh tobacco leaves, old cigar box and a burst finally cold ashes and earthy notes
Finish: Medium. A lot of ashes and smoke covering everything else.

That’s honestly pretty good if you like profiles full of smoke and ashes.

Sacapalabras « Tobasiche » (49%, OB, Mezcal Ancestral, 15-18yo Agave)

Colour: Transparent.
Nose: Wayyy less smoke. Citruses, grapefruit, fresh passion fruits, fresh exotic fruits and wet straw.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is good but the texture is very liquid. It’s quite shy and very monolithic. Young and fresh exotic fruits and delicate smoke but that’s it.
Finish: Short. A shy smoke and hints of fruits.

I loved the nose, what a shame that the rest was not in harmony with it.

Sacapalabras « San Martinero » (47.2%, OB, Mezcal Ancestral, 15yo Agave)

Colour: Still transparent.
Nose: It’s very powerful. Delicate smoke, hints of grassy note, ripe fruits, ripe exotic fruits. It’s very nice!
Mouth: Another disappointment, it’s very flat flavour-wise and very liquid! No more fruits in there, just some wood dryness, juniper, wood smoke and cold ashes.
Finish: Very short. Wood smoke, ashes and some smoky dryness.

What a disappointment, it has a beautiful nose at least.

Sacapalabras « Tobalà » (49.1%, OB, Mezcal Ancestral, 15yo Agave)

Colour: Is it darker?
Nose: Smoked trout, smoked herring, garlic, green olives, seaweed and iodine. Nice one!
Mouth: A lot of brine, smoked herring, sea salt, green olives, seaweed and hints of lime. Very good and original
Finish: Medium. In harmony with the mouth!

That’s a pretty original profile but to be honest it’s very good in my opinion!

Sacapalabras « Ensamble » (49%, OB, Mezcal Ancestral, 60% Tobasiche/40% Espadín)

Colour: 60% Transparent + 40% transparent is still transparent!
Nose: It’s nearly the same nose than the « Espadín », it’s just a bit rounder.
Mouth: It’s clearly the « Espadín » that dominates the profile here too with just hints of juniper, grassy notes and pink peppercorns added by the other folk.
Finish: Still a rounder « Espadín » finish.

I enhoyed the « Espadín » is just a rounder copy, not worth it for my tasting buds, I still prefered the first one!

Sacapalabras « Pechuga » (50.9%, OB, Mezcal Ancestral, Ensamble re-distilled with fruits and creole chicken)

Colour: Where is the chicken?
Nose: Can you imagine roasted chicken wrapped in cold ashes and tobacco leaves and watered with some white wine sauce? Well now you put that over a fire and you smell it, here you are, right in our glasses!
Mouth: Holly cow, what the heck is that?! Industrial lemony dish soap with hints of chicken, thyme and tarragon. It’s just awful, like.. really awful!
Finish: In perfect harmony with the mouth and hopefully not super long, but still long!

What a crazy bottle! It was fun to try and as you could see, we laugh a lot!

That was such a crazy session! We were really happy to enjoy those moments with you guys and we hope that the next event will be as good as this one! See you soon, every Sunday 9pm (Dimanche 21h) here.

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