Nobilis Rum Bellevue 1998, Diamond 2002 & Port Mourant 1995

As promised, we’ll now continue the Nobilis range review with the 11th to 13rd bottlings. So we’ve got a Bellevue from the most common vintage, an Enmore from the Diamond distillery (EHP mark means it has been distilled by the Wooden Coffey still) and another Port Mourant this time from ’95 vintage. This is probably the first EHP form the Diamond distillery I’m trying so I’m really curious about this one, let’s go!

Nobilis Rum Bellevue 1998-2021 (55.2%, cask #NR11, 250 bottles)

Colour: Copper.
Nose: The first nose was a « Wow »! It has this very buttered side I could already enjoy in some Bellevue, but even more. Butter, pine wood, caramel, grapefruits, blood oranges, mocacchino, eucalyptus, maple syrup, gingerbread and some smoky notes. A complex and « gourmand » nose that makes me want to go further…
Mouth: Pleasant milky texture. Butter caramel, ginger, white pepper, creamy coffee, grapefruits, blood oranges, maple syrup, wet pine wood, butter, muscovado sugar and black olives. We have some bitterness at the end of the mouth but this is well-balanced.
Finish: Warm and quite long. Overcooked caramel, burnt wood, cocoa, butter, vanilla and some floral notes.

I felt in love with the nose and the rest reached the expectations, one of my favorite Bellevue to date. Good job!

Score: 90

Nobilis Rum Diamond (EHP) 2002-2021 (51%, cask #NR12, 181 bottles)

Colour: Light gold.
Nose: It has the light-coloured Diamonds DNA with something different. Far away from the old and heavyweight Enmores, we’ve got a light bodied nose. Salty licorice, apples, lemon peels, pears, white pepper, mint freshness, rancio, cake dough, herbal notes, tobacco and butter. It’s complex but too light bodied.
Mouth: Nice thick texture, starting with spices then it become stronger. We have lot of salty licorice, fresh tar, caramelized apples, pears, white pepper, vanilla, cake dough, dark chocolate, lemons peels, marzipan and roasted notes.
Finish: Mid-long and slightly bitterish. Cocoa, vanilla, again lot of salty licorice, iodized notes, raspberry pie, strawberries and baked apples.

I would’ve appreciate a more expressive nose and more length but it’s a nice and easy sipper that changes from the standards, I really enjoyed it.

Score: 88

Nobilis Rum Uitvlugt (PM) 1995-2021 (52.6%, cask #NR13, 169 bottles)

Colour: Light gold.
Nose: This one is more typical of the Port Mourant style than the ’90 recently reviewed, the metallic notes jumps out at me. Unripe apples, metallic notes, wet wood, cinnamon, nutmeg, white pepper, lemons and peppermint. Straight line!
Mouth: As typical and expressive as the nose. Yellow fruits, apples, pears, dried apricots, tobacco, metallic notes, a great dose of honey, nutmeg, brine, herbal notes and some smoke. The mouth is clearly rounder than the nose.
Finish: Long and warm. Vanilla cream, mint, raspberries, burnt wood and salted black olives.

It shows eagerness and maturity at the same time, Port Mourant fanclub should really enjoy this one.

Score: 87

Another solid trio from Nobilis Rum, the ’98 Bellevue hit hard and clearly got my preference today! Diamond EHP 2002 is also a very great value for money that you will enjoy a glass for calm evenings for sure.
We wish everyone a merry Christmas with of spirits of couse. Cheers!

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Nobilis Rum Bellevue 1998-2021
Nobilis Rum Diamond (EHP) 2002-2021
Nobilis Rum Uitvlugt (PM) 1995-2021

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