Samaroli Demerara 1994 Caksus & Wild Parrot Enmore 1994 Sansibar

As you may know I like pretty much dark Guyana rums, I feel well served with this duo to say the least! Even if this white design is beautiful, I’ve some doubts about the Wild Parrot’s label, Enmore distillery -Versailles still- would be more correct, or did I miss something?

The few ’94 REVs I tasted were very nice to freaking good so today’s menu is quite appetizing…

Samaroli Demerara (Versailles) 1994-2021 (50%, 165 bottles, selected by Gerard Mansouaf)

Colour: Dark. Please DDL send us the recipe.
Nose: A concentrate of Guyana DNA. Espresso, dark chocolate, leather, herbal notes, plums, grapefruits, roasted almonds, tobacco, burnt wood, molasses, overcooked caramel and rubber.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is pretty nice, this is more spiced and bitter than the nose. Plums, dark chocolate, strong coffee, tannins, molasses, licorice, roasted cocoa beans, bitter almonds, burnt wood, chilies, fuel, burnt rubber, butter caramel, Liège syrup and cold ashes. This is monolithic but also effective.
Finish: Mid-long. Dried plums, bitter cocoa, tobacco, milk chocolate and peppermint freshness.

It could’ve been more complex, with more length, there are better rums from this batch but after all that’s a pleasant rum and a strong ally for winter.

Score: 87

Wild Parrot Enmore 1994-2021 (50.4%, cask #WP94504, selected by Sansibar)

Colour: As dark as the first one.
Nose: More fresh, less bitterish. Milk and dark chocolate, herbal notes, milky coffee, plums, wood, molasses, butter, menthol, salted butter caramel, licorice, leather and tobacco.
Mouth: Nice thick texture. This is as fresh as the nose and very refined. Dark chocolate, mocha, salty licorice, molasses, wood, white pepper, chilies, tobacco, leather, fuel, plums, dried apricots, muscovado sugar, figs, toasted bread, mint, bitter cocoa and tannins. Everything match properly, wow.
Finish: Long. Vanilla cream, raspberries, burnt wood, ashes, plums and blueberries.

This one approach closely my actual king of ’94 REV. It’s been a long time Wild Parrot hadn’t hustle me like this. Very nice selection, good job!

Score: 92

Let’s take a look behind the scene, right? I often face the tested rum with other rums from the same kind which plays the benchmarks role. Those were faced with two ’94 REV (Rum Artesanal batch 2 & S.B.S) for example.
Review rums from different bottlers, countries and ages accurately, consistently, in the most neutral manner, is a true activity which looks simpler than it is on the field.
Dont forget to take a look to our F.A.Q page!

The two tasted rums of the day result from collaborations between bottlers and aficionados and it’s really pleasant to see. Good job to the respective teams for these bottlings, cheers!

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Samaroli Demerara (Versailles) 1994-2021
Wild Parrot Enmore 1994-2021

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