Swell De Spirits Hampden 2011

Here we are, the first rum bottling from the new French bottler Swell De Spirits. A 10yo <>H mainly aged under the tropics, sounds great, isn’t it?

Swell De Spirits Hampden 2011-2021 (67.4%, cask #435034, 392 bottles, <>H)

Colour: Dark gold.
Nose: True Jamaican soul. That’s powerful with a nice alcohol integration, I can directly feel the tropical ageing reminding me the Habitation Velier’s Hampden. Candied pineapples, bananas, green olives, smoked sardines, buttered buns, lemons, grapefruits, vanilla, marzipan, brown sugar, mangoes, passion fruits and butter caramel. Fruity and complex nose, that’s a nice start.
Mouth: That’s sweeter than expected first but wait a bit, the strength is coming with this typical astringence. Candied pineapples, mangoes, bananas, brown sugar, papayas, apricots, wood, fuel, anchovies, black olives, butter, caramel, black olives and leather. The mouth is slightly less complex than the nose but it’s quite round and effective.
Finish: Teeth brushing ineffective, I woke up somewhere in Jamaica. Raspberries, roasted pineapples, smoke, black olives, dried fruits, burnt caramel, polish, mint freshness and some mineral notes.

That’s not an everyday Hampden but it clearly has its place next to the great Habitation Velier series for example. Good job for this first rum selection!

Score: 90

Blinded I could’ve say it has fully tropical aged, well, that’s a great start. This one is a solid Hampden bottling without misstep, good job to the Swell team, cheers!

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Swell de spirits Hampden 2011-2021

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