Hampden high esters session

From <>H to C<>H, that’s the session summary. The youngest rum of the day is also one of the rarest Hampden oldie. If Mabaruma doesn’t talk to you, the Italian bottler is also known as Pellegrini, PPS or Barangai names.
There’s another especially interesting thing in this session, Rumclub Hampden Ed. 24 is the same juice than Ed. 17 but it has aged five more months in (the wonderful) ex-Rumclub Hampden 1992 cask. Last words before getting into the substance, Romdeluxe often bottle some casks in a row, that’s the case for this one as there’s another batch from this hipo at 56%.

Rumclub Ed.17 Hampden 2001-2021 (58%, 188 bottles, <>H)

Colour: Light gold.
Nose: Punchy with lot of acidity, nose lacks a bit of depth. Overripe bananas, pineapples, green olives, brown sugar, marzipan, mangoes, candied lemons, vanilla, vinegar and passion fruits. Pleasant but typical nose.
Mouth: Very nice alcohol integration but the spicy notes dominates the mouth first. We have chilies, ginger, pineapples, wood, tannins, white pepper, mangoes, bananas, candied lemons, brown sugar, vanilla, marzipan, blood oranges and grapefruits.
Finish: Long and slightly bitterish. Dark smoke, canon powder, oregano, smoked beef and black olives.

Typical continental <>H Hampden but I didn’t enjoy mouth’s spicy notes that much.

Score: 83

Rumclub Ed. 24 Hampden 2001-2021 (59.7%, 49 bottles, <>H)

Colour: Gold.
Nose: We clearly have more depth than the previous one, I’m way more convinced here! It’s also more round, that’s crazy how few months in this ex-Hampden 92 cask improved it. We have mangoes, pineapples, passion fruits, lemons, vanilla, brown sugar, marzipan, cherry pits, almonds, Granny Smith apples, polished wood and glue. Very well balanced and pleasant nose.
Mouth: Same statement here, it has more depth and roundness than his young brother. We have caramelized pineapples, marzipan, mangoes, vanilla, cake dough, mix of green and black olives, brine, smoked fish, brown sugar, bananas, solvents, ginger, caramel and ashes.
Finish: Long with overcooked caramel, smoke, brown sugar, vanilla, tobacco and oregano.

Way more balanced, these few extra months in ex-Hampden 92 makes the job, it really brings what I missed to really enjoy it, good job to RumClub team!

Score: 89

Mabaruma Hampden 1993-2010 (46%, 248 bottles)

Colour: Dark gold.
Nose: That’s a fruity nose plenty of roundness, it directly give the impression that it hasn’t aged only under continental climate unlike all ’93 Hampden recent releases. We have cake dough, vanilla, caramel, mangoes, passion fruits, wood, candied lemons, brine, acidulous candies, caramelized pineapples, bananas, black olives, vinegar and instant coffee. Very well balanced and complex nose, quite far from being aggressive.
Mouth: The reduction is pretty well done, that’s expressive and warm. We have vanilla, mangoes, bananas, pineapples, peaches, black olives, cake dough, wood, brine, marzipan, chilies, candied lemons, blood oranges, grapefruits, acidulous candies, caramel, olive oil, some tannins, passion fruits and smoked herrings. Here also tropical ageing is clearly noticeable, it’s surprisingly « gourmand ».
Finish: Mid-long and refined. Brown sugar, vanilla, caramel, some smoke, floral notes, exotic fruits and tobacco.

It’s really different than all other ’93 Hampdens I tasted to date (due to partial tropical ageing in my opinion).
Also another reduced Hampden oldie that doesn’t lack of character, proof himself that a nice reduction on that kind of product can create something really (really really) great!

Score: 92

Romdeluxe Wild Serie No18 Jamaica 1993-2021 (57.7%, 121 bottles, cask #8239, C<>H)

Colour: Light gold.
Nose: I can clearly feel esters step forward! Pineapples explode at nose. We have fresh pineapple juice, mangoes, candied lemons, acidulous candies, vanilla sugar, black and green olives, polished wood, ripe bananas, grapefruits, blood oranges, vinegar and raw salmon. More ester-y but pleasant and well balanced nose.
Mouth: Slightly astringent but not enough to bother me. We have chilies, ginger, mangoes, pineapple juice, wood, olives, tannins, brine, olive oil, smoked herrings, cake dough, lemons and oranges. It’s great but it’s also close to be too cask-driven.
Finish: Long. Pineapples, vanilla, marzipan, smoke, tobacco, canon powder, dried apricots and peppermint.

This is a great Hampden but there’s lot of better rums from the same batch.

Score: 85

Very interesting session. The most interesting fact is probably the difference between Rum Club 2001 Hampdens. We’ve got some serious stuff but ’93 Mabaruma was one step ahead today, bringing both something really different and very nice. Cheers!

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Rumclub Ed.17 Hampden 2001-2021
Rumclub Ed. 24 Hampden 2001-2021
Mabaruma Hampden 1993-2010
Romdeluxe Wild Serie No18 Jamaica 1993-2021

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  2. Ouhlala! Super sympa ce blog mais attention à pas trop en boire quand même (surtout que ça titre souvent à plus de 60%)! Faudrait pas non plus s’abîmer la santé dans le but de partager quelques impressions entre passionnés. Pour savoir quand c’est qu’on a trop bu, c’est très simple, on finit par prendre les zippopotames pour des rhinoféroces 😉


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