Rhum Rhum Liberation 2020

I just noticed that our blog cruelly lack of Liberation rhums. Those are key rums of the modern era, with, for example the most famous lobster of the rum world. So I’m introducing Rhum Rhum with their last releases, don’t worry, older releases are going to be reviewed as well.
Liberation rhums were produced with an old red sugarcane variety, slowly fermented, distilled by Müller still in Bielle distillery. Everything headed by Luca Gargano & the Fruit Whisperer Vittoro Gianni Capovilla. It’s been years now we’re waiting for these bottlings, moreover they are the last of their kind. I hope it was worth waiting!

Rhum Rhum PMG 2021 (56%)

Colour: Clear.
Nose: Fresh cane lead the way, I can already say that blinded I wouldn’t have bet this is a PMG. Herbal notes, fresh tar, brown sugar, mint, tobacco, candied lemons, grapefruits and passion fruits.
Mouth: It has a pleasant texture but lacks of body. Honey, sugarcane, brown sugar, spices, chilies, ginger, fresh tar, grapes, blood oranges and toffee. The mouth is quite monolithic.
Finish: Mid-long and drying. Burnt wood, mint, smoke, cold ashes and canon powder.

This one lost the particularities I really enjoyed with past PMG releases. Not a bad rum but a very basic white rum.

Score: 80

Rhum Rhum Liberation 2020 (45%)

Colour: Dark gold.
Nose: That’s better, we’ve got the Libération DNA. Sulfur, copper, canon powder, lemons, grapefruits, eucalyptus, maple syrup, wood, tobacco, milk chocolate, white pepper and ginger. Pleasant nose but it lacks a bit of depth.
Mouth: The texture is too watery. We have wood, white pepper, tannins, forest berries, ginger, canon powder, tobacco, vanilla, goji berries, blood oranges, sulfur and copper.
Finish: Mid-long but plenty of aromas. Black grapes, vanilla, honey, violet flowers, ashes, burnt wood, almonds, floral notes and raspberries.

Nose lacks of depth and mouth reduction could’ve been way better. This one could be a pleasant daily dram with Liberation DNA but no more.

Score: 82

Rhum Rumh Liberation 2020 Integrale (58.4%)

Colour: Dark gold.
Nose: More expressive and it talks way more to me than the previous ones! I also notice more clearly the tropical ageing influence here. We have wood, cherry pits, blood oranges, grapefruits, caramel, tobacco, ginger, canon powder, sulfur, mangoes and polish. That’s also more complex, great.
Mouth: Nice thick texture, nice alcohol integration as well. We first have a sugary side, then it show its true nature with more typical and dry notes. Honey, overcooked caramel, brown sugar, chilies, canon powder, sulfur, marzipan, floral notes, white pepper, wood, toffee, leather, ashes, raspberries, orange peels and grapefruits.
Finish: Quite long. Canon powder, forest berries, tobacco, bitter almonds, burnt wood and floral notes.

Far from being the best of the Liberation range, spices dominate (too much) in mouth, it remains however a more than decent rum, our expectations are particularly high regarding the quality of the old sets of Liberation releases.

Score: 85

Of course Liberation Integrale is the winner of the day, but I’m disappointed, I was honestly expecting more from this trio. This time I’ll roll back the clock and immerse myself into the old Liberation releases, of course I won’t miss to share it with you all. My personal conclusion is that this isn’t bad rum but it’s far from being the best of Rhum Rhum family.

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