Rum Artesanal Cuba 7yo, Haiti 2004 & Enmore 1991

Twelve. Guess what I’m talking about? That’s the number of releases we’ve got from Rum Artesanal last year. We had the chance to review each of them and I can say we had some serious stuff. Today we’ll talk about their new trio…

Rum Artesanal Cuba 7yo (59.6%, cask #181, 375 bottles, ex-CADC)

Colour: Gold.
Nose: Alcohol integration isn’t that good. I can find typical Cuba aromatic notes but with more body than expected. We have tobacco, milk chocolate, toffee, caramel, wood, white pepper, sugar, marzipan, oranges, anise and some floral notes.
Mouth: Better alcohol integration than nose’s one, that’s also more spicy. Chilies, white pepper, tobacco, vanilla, sweet and sour sauce, (lof of) wood, grapefruits, almonds, anise, toffee, ashes, roasted coconuts, dark chocolate, overcooked caramel, smoke and some roasted notes.
Finish: Mid-long and drying. Brown sugar, caramel, toffee, tobacco, maple syrup and espresso.

I was a bit surprised when I read the label for the first time, a Cuban rum finished in another kind of Ron that’s not usual, right? This one isn’t monolithic but beside nose alcohol integration there’s too much wood/spices influence in mouth in my opinion, I tasted better Cuban rums for sure. I also need to say that I’m not the audience targeted by this kind of juice.

Score: 70

Rum Artesanal Haiti 2004-2022 (58.3%, cask #50, 180 bottles)

Colour: Light gold.
Nose: Fruity nose! We have mangoes, pineapples, polish, rotten bananas, fermentation, canon powder, toffee, solvents, grapefruits, vanilla and rhubarb jam. Well balanced and pleasant nose.
Mouth: Very sweet mouth. Canon powder, polish, rotten fruits, apples, pears, white pepper, mangoes, bitter almonds, tannins, overcooked caramel, brown sugar, sulfur, sultanas and goji berries.
Finish: Mid-long. Vanilla, pear pie, spices, floral notes, toffee, tobacco, caramel and cold ashes.

This one has a surprising aromatic profile. I enjoyed it but I wasn’t entirely seduced either.

Score: 83

Rum Artesanal Enmore 1991-2022 (54.5%, cask #122, 259 bottles, KFM)

Colour: Light coffee.
Nose: Very… KFM-ish. I know that’s not a word but you can’t describe it more accurately. Dirty as expected with more herbal notes than we use to smell. We have wood, plums, mocha, leather, fuel, blueberries, burnt rubber, dark chocolate, eucalyptus freshness, licorice and some spices. Complex and well balanced nose, woody as usual with KFM mark.
Mouth: Nice thick texture with a very nice alcohol integration. Burnt tyres, fuel, herbal notes, peppermint, leather, dark chocolate, cocoa, wood, white pepper, tannins, star anise, burnt caramel, toffee, plums, black grapes, licorice, almonds, nuts and strong coffee. There’s a slightly too present bitterness at end of the mouth but it’s still very nice.
Finish: Long and slightly bitterish. Eucalyptus, espresso, cocoa beans, brown sugar, smoke and fuel.

Another ’91 KFM I really enjoy. Good job for this selection!

Score: 89

As you could understand those aren’t my favorite picks from Rum Artesanal but that’s probably also the cheapest trio since a long time! I hope we’ll continue to see more and more KFM on the market as this is a timidly represented mark! Cheers.

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Rum Artesanal Cuba 7yo
Rum Artesanal Haiti 2004-2022
Rum Artesanal Enmore 1991-2022

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