Chairman’s Reserve session

Four Master’s selections from Chairman’s Reserve, if you didn’t know, Chairman’s is the official Saint Lucia Distillers brand, which means that their rums are always fully tropical aged.. Here’s some interesting stuff about entries of the day :

Chairman’s Reserve Salon du Rhum 2011 Pot still (John Dore 1) + column still
Chairman’s Reserve Salon du Rhum 2012 Blend of Pot stills (John Dore 1 + Vendôme)
Chairman’s Reserve Rums of Anarchy 2011 Column still
Chairman’s Reserve Grape of the Art x RumX 2005 Blend of Pot stills (John Dore + Vendôme)

Chairman’s Reserve Salon du Rhum 2011-2019 (46%, 367 bottles, ex-bourbon)

Colour: Gold.
Nose: Sweet nose but it has character. Breakfast cereals, vanilla, leather, sweet and sour sauce, wood, candle wax, blood oranges, grapefruits and milk chocolate.
Mouth: Reduction is perceptible but the texture is still pleasant. Breakfast cereals, vanilla, leather, tannins, white pepper, herbal notes, caramel, milk chocolate, wood and petrol. I can clearly feel the ex-bourbon influence.
Finish: Mid-long. Burnt wood, vanilla, brown sugar, toasted bread, tobacco and some floral notes.

It’s showing St Lucia rum in their light style, softened by ex-bourbon cask. Unpretentious but effective. A nice daily dram or starter and also a great value for the price.

Score: 85

Chairman’s Reserve Salon du Rhum 2012-2021 (46%, 267 bottles, ex-bourbon)

Colour: Dark gold.
Nose: Here we go with pot stills, hell that’s clearly different, more powerful and concentrated than first one. Herbal notes, caramel, eucalyptus, maple syrup, brown sugar, cereals, brine, oregano, grapefruits. Ex-bourbon cask is less noticeable here.
Mouth: Texture is one step above the 2011 release but I’m surprised again, that’s really concentrated and warm for this ABV. Esters, butter caramel, eucalyptus, figs, chilies, wood, herbal notes, white pepper, tobacco, espresso, black olives, leather and vanilla.
Finish: Long and drying. Vanilla, red fruits, burnt wood and bitter cocoa.

I enjoy a bit less this kind of -very herbal- profile, if you use to like it you’ll enjoy this rum for sure. That’s also not an easy sipper in my opinion despite the « low » ABV, but a great value for the price one more time.

Score: 84

Chairman’s Reserve RoA 2011-2021 (61.2%, 243 bottles, ex-brandy)

Colour: Dark gold.
Nose: Concentrated nose plenty of roundness. We have typical St Lucian aromatic notes such as leather and herbal notes. We also have caramel, wet wood, vanilla, cereals, black grapes, cherries, figs, blood oranges, bananas, brown sugar, dark chocolate and maple syrup.
Mouth: We climb in watts, it’s even warmer and fruity side is less present. Alcohol integration could’ve been slightly better but it remains correct. Salted butter caramel, black olives, leather, brown sugar, vanilla, herbal notes, white pepper, ginger, tannins, oranges and grapefruits. After a -too spiced- entry, second part of mouth bring a very pleasant roundness that fit properly with typical St Lucian profile.
Finish: Long. Black grapes, brown sugar, overcooked caramel, maple syrup and violet candies.

Some little flaws but I really enjoyed what ex-brandy finish brang to this rum!

Score: 86

Chairman’s Reserve GotA x RumX 2005-2022 (61.5%, cask #06012000, 232 bottles)

Colour: Dark gold.
Nose: Clearly a mishmash from things I tasted in entries of the day, definitely a surprising session. Herbal notes, leather, solvents, sweet and sour sauce, orange peels, bananas, black olives, toffee, overcooked caramel, espresso, eucalyptus, maple syrup, brown sugar, blood oranges and burnt tyres. I like this very complete profile.
Mouth: Nice oily texture with an alcohol integration close the the RoA’s one with slightly less spicy notes this time. Rubber, solvents, caramel, leather, burnt tyres, white pepper, vanilla, tannins, menthol, herbal notes, maple syrup, cinnamon, pine wood, eucalyptus, cocoa and toffee.
Finish: Long. Rubber, peppermint, bananas, wood, smoke, tobacco, bitter cocoa and some spices.

My favorite of the day. Powerful and sweet in the same time, it combine strenghts from every entries of the day and close this tasting on a good note!

Score: 88

That was a very interesting session with some serious stuff at very fair prices. Chairman’s Reserve actually show a great value for the price, regarding tropical ageing/pot still rums. We were close but it still doesn’t beat my favorite St Lucian rums to date… Good job to Salon du Rhum, Rums of Anarchy and Grape of the Art for these selections. Cheers!

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Chairman’s Reserve Salon du Rhum 2011-2019
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Chairman’s Reserve RoA 2011-2021
Chairman’s Reserve GotA x RumX 2005-2022

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