Old Brothers x Esters & Co Hampden HJF 2008

The first high proof 2008 Hampden. Moreover, the cask spent 12 years under tropical climate, it looks great on the paper isn’t it?
Another (mainly) tropical aged Hampden from Old Brothers, this one wears HJF mark which is always quite mysterious. This bottling’s esters level is between HLCF & <>H, this is probably the place of HJF mark in esters table but we don’t have enough datas to actually confirm it.
Those white bottles still rocks, this one is covered by few labels including Esters & Co’s one which is a Facebook group managed by Alex & Oliver, they selected this rum with Old Brothers team.

Old Brothers Hampden HJF 2008-2021 (60.8%, 391 bottles)

Colour: Light copper.
Nose: Hmm it smells the tropics! Alcohol integration is pretty good, that’s not aggressive at all. We have mangoes, pineapples, bananas, ice-tea, peaches, papayas, candied lemons, marzipan, oranges, grapefruits, cherries, smoke smoke, herbal notes, salted black olives, acidulous candies and vanilla. Very pleasant nose, a real fruit cocktail.
Mouth: Very nice thick texture, it becomes warmer after few seconds but I’m well aware that my friends from Esters & Co love it. We have wood, caramel, roasted pineapples, acidulous candies, grapefruits, blood oranges, mangoes, limes, chilies, marzipan, raw salmon, vanilla, black olives, and some dark smoke at end of mouth. Complex and evolutive mouth, representing well tropical aged Hampdens.
Finish: Very long and bitter. Burnt wood, dark smoke, floral notes, orange peels, burnt caramel, fresh tar, brown sugar and tobacco.

That’s a frustrating finish, too monolithic on some bitterness. This is the main reason why I prefered Old Brothers <>H 2001 to this one, but also remember that’s close to half his price. Good job, this is a nice pick!

Score: 90

We actually discover more and more partially tropical aged Hampdens on the market but blinded I would’ve say that this one has been fully tropical aged. That’s always a pleasure to see independent bottlers work with passionate, even more when the result is the following. Good job to the respective teams, cheers!

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