Precious Liquors New Yarmouth 1994, Caroni Tortuga No1 & No2

Let’s introduce Precious Liquors on Tasting Bro’s with three of their bottlings. There’s something strange with this beautiful coloured label, is this the first Pot still ’94 New Yarmouth or is it a labelling error?

Precious Liquors New Yarmouth 1994-2021 (67.9%, cask #435082, 249 bottles, co-bottled with Grain&Cane for Bar Lamp Ginza and Rum & Whisky Kyoto, imported by Rudder Ltd)

Colour: Copper.
Nose: Typical ’94 New Yarmouth, we’re somewhere between Jamaica and Guyana, it also suggest me already that this one come from column still like all other ’94 New Yarmouth bottlings. We have wet wood, vanilla, coconuts, brown sugar, mangoes, licorice, caramelized pineapples, ginger, herbal notes, apples, polish and nutmeg. Alcohol integration could’ve been slightly better but it remains okay.
Mouth: It’s warm and powerful but not agressive at all. We have wet wood, ginger, licorice, white pepper, apples, caramel, coconuts, lemons, passion fruits, mangoes, milk chocolate, polish, nutmeg, cherry pits, roasted pineapples and grapefruit bitterness. Plenty of character but still well balanced mouth.
Finish: Long. Burnt wood, vanilla, peppermint, cherry pits, overcooked caramel, eucalyptus and some floral notes.

A pleasant ’94 New Yarmouth but there’s so much bottlings from this vintage that I need more to reach outstanding level. Also remember that I’m not initially a huge fan of these ’94 New Yarmouth.

Score: 85

Precious Liquors Caroni Tortuga No1 1998-2021 (66%, cask #2286, co-bottled with East Asia Whisky Co)

Colour: Light copper.
Nose: Heavier than the first one, I also clearly notice the higher ABV but it’s not bringing something extra. Herbal notes leads the way, then we have burnt rubber, smoke, fuel, fresh tar, roasted pineapples, brown sugar, overcooked caramel, leather and marzipan.
Mouth: Very nice alcohol integration. We have caramel, brown sugar, fuel, pineapples, black olives, fresh tar, leather, ginger, tannins, roasted coconuts, wet wood, bitter grapefruits and almonds.
Finish: Long. Peppermint, vanilla, cake dough, olive oil, leather and raspberries.

Great stuff but there’s better rums from the same batch in my opinion.

Score: 85

Precious Liquors Caroni Tortuga No2 1998-2021 (59.9%, cask #35, 254 bottles, co-bottled with East Asia Whisky Co)

Colour: Light copper.
Nose: Clearly a Caroni but not at its highest spike of heaviness, we have a pleasant sweetness and fruitiness that surround nose. Fuel, leather, burnt rubber, mangoes, pineapples, butter caramel, brown sugar, wood, roasted coconuts and vanilla. It could’ve been more complex but that’s a really pleasant nose.
Mouth: Nice alcohol integration and pleasant texture, with some spices to enhance the flavors. We have fuel, ripe pineapples, leather, fuel, burnt rubber, wood, mint, tyres, passion fruits, smoke and some menthol. Easy sipper alert, this is my personal favorite Caroni face.
Finish: Long and slightly bitterish. Peppermint, ginger, tannins, apples and vanilla sugar.

Very well balanced Caroni that can please to anyone even if you’re not an HTR lover. Good job for this nice selection!

Score: 88

New Yarmouth 1994 & Caroni 1998 are common vintages which groups lots of bottlings from many bottlers, so I’m particularly demanding in this kind of tasting. Those Caronis have clearly different aromatic profiles and your favorite will depend of your personal taste, mine was Caroni Tortuga No2, I really enjoyed it. Wait and see for the third one… Cheers!

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Precious Liquors New Yarmouth 1994-2021
Precious Liquors Caroni Tortuga No1 1998-2021
Precious Liquors Caroni Tortuga No2 1998-2021

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