Some white rums

I think I don’t need to introduce those white rums by Hampden & Neisson, but what about Libero Rum? This a new belgian independent bottler which started with a white (but not unaged) rum. That’s a blend of 3yo Caribbean (which has been uncoloured with charcoal filter) and unaged rums from Swaziland, Jamaica and Mauritius. I’m usually not a huge fan of white rums but some already surprised me so let’s give a try!

Libero Rum Crystal White (40%)

Colour: Clear.
Nose: It’s light-bodied but not without identity at all. I can feel the few years ageing in the blend, it erased a bit that typical unaged smell. Bananas, buns, oranges, roasted pineapples, coconuts, wood, almonds, candied lemons, papayas and some roasted notes.
Mouth: Too light-bodied, the liquid texture killed a bit the mouth, too bad because I have some really interesting aromas. Overripe bananas, peaches, papayas, burnt caramel, toffee, dark chocolate and mangoes. Even in a blind tasting I could’ve say there were Jamaican rum in this blend!
Finish: Short and shy. Light smoke, vanilla, caramel, basil and some herbal notes.

I’m really curious about trying this one at a bit higher ABV because it has an interesting basis, I hope it’s planned by Libero!

Score: 79

Hampden Rum Fire (63%)

Colour: Clear.
Nose: Okaaay I understand the Fire on the label. I got burned at the first nose! We have an higher ABV than the two others but the alcohol integration is pretty good. Say hello to Jamaica funkyness. Rotten bananas, lemons, grapefruits, green and black olives, polish, herbal notes, roasted pineapples, overripe papayas and eucalyptus freshness.
Mouth: Nice thick texture. Bananas dominates this blazing mouth. Caramelized pineapples, white pepper, overripe papayas, mangoes, olives, polish, toasted bread, herbal notes and some light smoke. Powerful but well done.
Finish: Long enough and warm. Typical Hampden smoky notes, peppermint, vanilla, flambéed bananas and brown sugar.

A nice product to introduce the Hampden distillery. This one should be nice for cocktails as well.

Score: 82

Le Rhum by Neisson (52.5%)

Colour: Clear.
Nose: Expressive and well balanced. The nose show a pleasant herbal freshness, welcome into an agricole rhum profile. Fresh cane, freshly cut grass, grapefruits, lemons, soil, oranges, toffee, peppermint and polish.
Mouth: Nice thick texture again. Fresh cane, white pepper, ginger, fresh soil, herbal notes, eucalyptus, bitter chocolate, roasted notes, tannins, polish, oranges, grapefruits, vanilla and brown sugar. Simple but effective!
Finish: Mid-long. Vanilla, mint and caramel.

A nice white rhum, well balanced that you can enjoy pure or in ti-punchs. It can be found easily for around 30€, this is a very great value for money (not taken into account in the score).

Score: 84

Three different rums with their own strong and weak points, my pick of the day is Le Rhum from Neisson which I enjoy a lot in ti-punchs. I usually prefer aged rums to agricole rhums but that’s the opposite about white rums… strange but true.
Thanks Libero for the sample and let’s cross our fingers for the Football Worldcup right?

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Libero Rum Crystal White
Hampden Rum Fire
Le Rhum by Neisson

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