Bottles & Sabers (Part 1)

Today I’ll try some of the recently released Sansibar « Finest Whisky Berlin » and this is the Batch 7. To be honest I didn’t try any of the other batch so let’s start from here!

Secret Islay Distillery 7yo 2013-2020 « Finest Whisky Berlin -Batch 7″(55.1%, Sansibar, Port pipe, 359 bottles)

Colour: Deep copper.
Nose: It’s very fresh! Solvents, a lot of citruses, iodine, sea salt, brine, nutmeg, dried fruits, leather, coastal peat and some delicious smoked meat.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is very good and the texture is oily. Citruses, astringent notes, noble wood, still some notes of smoked meat, white pepper, nutmeg, dusty leather, lemons, aerial peat, brine and a bewitching barbecue wood smoke on the beach.
Finish: Mid-Long. Candied lemon zest, noble wood, nutmeg, old books, brine, coastal peat, some more lovely smoke meat and still that delicious smoke.

It’s quite young and still it’s very good with some very good alcohol integration, a complex and powerful profile and even some pretty nice balance.
Things are starting well in there!

Score: 89

Tobermory 15yo 2006-2021 « Finest Whisky Berlin -Batch 7″(52.6%, Sansibar, Montbazillac, 352 bottles)

Colour: Deep copper with golden hues.
Nose: A lot of Juniper mixed with a lot of citruses giving an amazing freshness! Wow, that’s impressive.
If you wait a bit more you’ll find some leather, dusty books, candied orange zest, hints of nutmeg and even hints of old rustic wood.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is oily too. Here we have a very well balanced kind of sherry profile! Powerful junipers at start that quickly decreases to let the place to some delicious spices, cinnamon, white pepper and also some raw leather, candied orange, dark chocolate, bitter cocoa, old bubblegum note, green wood, dusty library, a lot of citruses adding some freshness to the mix. A very interesting balance between freshness, dryness and roundness.
Finish: Mid-Long. In perfect harmony with the mouth except that it’s mainly the freshness and the bitterness than will lingers the most, so the end of the mouth.

The first nose was a real surprise, it makes me think of a special Gin with all those junipers and citruses. A very fresh, powerful and complex whisky. What a nice surprise finally!

Score: 88

Those two first drams are some really good daily drams with some touch of originality and complexity which push them on a really good level. I don’t know what you guys thinks but in my opinion these labels are wonderful too!
Here is a really good start don’t you think? At this point I have to say that I’m pretty thrilled to try the two older bottlings!

These bottles seems to be still available online if you’re looking well.

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