My last Ben Nevis 1996

Just in case you guys still need some Omega-3, here is another fish which also appears to be my last Ben Nevis 1996 in stock. Well, for now at least!

Ben Nevis 49.9yo 1996-2020 (52.7%, Archives, Hogshead, cask #887, 228 bottles)

Colour: Deep gold with lighter hues.
Nose: No alcohol presence at all. It’s very very fruity with hints of wax and mineral notes. Acacia honey, tropical fruits, grapes with acidic notes, juicy granny smith apples, pineapples, passion fruits, ripe mangoes and vegetal notes. Very nice complexity in the nose, everything is very evolutive.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and texture is very oily. A big basket of fresh tropical fruits, ripe passion fruits and grapes adding acidic notes to the mix, apple juice, rose petals, flower honey and also a lot of chalk and clay! That multi-layered mouth is very powerful while being also very balanced! You clearly can’t deny it’s a Ben Nevis!
Finish: Long. In perfect harmony with the mouth at first. Then the fruity side slowly collapse and the austere and mineral side arise letting a perfect dry and astringent feeling in your mouth.

This Ben Nevis is one of the best in my books! You have to like some austerity in the profile but this perfect balance is just so good!

Score: 91

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