Chantal Comte Tour de l’Or

It’s the first review about Chantal Comte bottlings on the blog. If you want to read more about who is Chantal Comte you should read this interesting interview on my friend Roger’s blog. You can still find some lost bottles of these, even 4 years after release. And it’s quite in contradiction with all the positive feedback I had read about these Tour de l’Or bottlings so let’s give a try! They all come from La Mauny distillery.

Chantal Comte Tour de l’Or 2006-2017 (57.7%, 2000 bottles)

Colour: Copper.
Nose: The first word that came to my mind is intense. That’s intense with wood and citruses mix. Grapefruits, blood oranges, fig jam, wild strawberries, peaches, butter, eucalyptus freshness, noble wood, tobacco, coffee beans, almonds, sultanas, licorice and cherries. That’s very complex with a lot of depth.
Mouth: Pleasant thick texture. The mouth is as intense as the nose and starts with wood, tannins and a handful of spices. Then it opens with fresh cane, dried fruits such as nuts and almonds, vanilla, white pepper, peppermint, burnt caramel, tobacco, oranges, brown sugar and some herbal notes. The alcohol integration is very nice and makes it easy to sip. The mouth is a bit less fruity and complex than the nose but it’s very effective and well balanced.
Finish: Long and warm. Tobacco, peppermint, vanilla and thick smoke.

Very classy and harmonious. A cask strength rum in a suit and tie, good job!

Score: 91

Chantal Comte Tour de l’Or 2005-2017 (51.5%, 515 bottles)

Colour: Copper.
Nose: The citrus notes are less present than they were in the first one. However that’s also very intense. Wood, caramel, mocha, tree sap, marzipan, brown sugar, hazelnuts, nuts, grapefruits, mint, maple syrup, cocoa and toasted bread. That’s elegant with a clearly defined identity.
Mouth: The wood is a bit more present there. Fresh cane, brown sugar, caramel, licorice, ginger, pepper, polished wood, maple syrup, chilies, cardamom, cinnamon, almonds, plums and some roasted notes. This is very spicy, a bit too much in my opinion. Let us be clear, it remains pleasant and very elegant.
Finish: Long, warm and slightly astringent. Wood, peppermint, brown sugar, vanilla and roasted notes.

I place this one below the 2006 for some reasons, it’s a bit less balanced and simpler.

Score: 87

Chantal Comte Tour de l’Or 2001-2017 (64.8%, 1715 bottles)

Colour: Copper.
Nose: The alcohol integration is very nice for that high ABV. The nose clearly seems to be more mature, with the positive aspects from the two first. Grapefruits, blood oranges, mangoes, lemons, glue, dark bitter chocolate, pine wood, bourbon vanilla, eucalyptus and tree sap.
Mouth: It first seems to be sweet, then the true strength come, that’s warm and even more intense. Noble wood, white pepper, tannins, ginger, caramel, almonds, nuts, cocoa, toffee, licorice and fresh soil. It’s very complex, refined with a nice depth as well. That’s hard to believe you actually taste a such high ABV, only the warmth and the intensity puts you on the way.
Finish: Long. Wood, vanilla cream, mint and some citrus notes that close the tasting with a lot of balance and delicacy.

Stronger but still full of mastery. That’s difficult to say if I prefer this one or the 2006 because they both are amazing, I think I should serve two more glasses to find out…

Score: 91

The master words of the conclusion are delicacy and balance. That’s a slap in the face for the initially not huge fan of agricoles rhums I am. Very nice selections, I really look forward to discover more from Chantal Comte including the new range!
Thanks Julien for the samples. Cheers!

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Chantal Comte Tour de l’Or 2006-2017
Chantal Comte Tour de l’Or 2005-2017
Chantal Comte Tour de l’Or 2001-2017

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