Some young Octomore’s

Young Bruichladdich heavily peated. That’s basically what we gonna try today. Let’s see what kind of peat monster we have in there since they mention some crazy ppm!

Octomore 10yo « Edition X4+10 – 2019 » (70%, OB, Bourbon, Sweet-Wine, 3000 bottles)

Colour: Gold.
Nose: The alcohol is quite hidden for this kind of ABV, solvents, cream, butter, cookie dough, pastries, vanilla, honey and hints of delicate smoke. Well it seems that there is no peat in there.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is very good and the texture is very thick. Quite impressive for 70%! It’s very round with pastries, cinnamon rolls, cookie dough, unripe green apple, honey and hints of smoke once more time.
Finish: Quite short. Acidulous fruity notes, peers, green apples, yeast, mushrooms and still some smoke.

That’s pretty surprising for an Octomore since it seems that the peat is absent from the profile! It’s quite interesting as a daily dram even with this high ABV. That’s just a shame that the release price is not close to a daily dram price.

Out of stock of course, but there are a lot on the second market with an even crazier price!

Score: 88

Octomore 5yo 2010-2015 « Edition 07.3 » (63%, OB, Bourbon Barrels & Ribera del Duero Wine Casks)

Colour: Gold with straw hues.
Nose: Quite a typical heavily peated daily dram nose. Nothing else to be honest.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is good and the texture pretty oily. A lot of peat, earthy notes, wood smoke, honey and peat again, everywhere! At the end of the mouth there are some strange round and winy notes.
Finish: Long. Peat everywhere, soil, earthy notes, hints of medicinal notes. It’s bitter and dry!

If you’re a peat-addict, this one is worth a try! Quite simple and easily quaffable, a very nice daily dram if the price was a bit lower!

Still available in a lot of shops!

Score: 86

I will totally ignore the fact that those ppm announcement seems to be mainly about advertising instead of knowing what’s inside the bottle and go straight to the point that those two drams are obviously quite simple in the profile but also good overall.

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