It’s time to travel

Today I’m tasting the last cognac release of « Malternative Belgium » a Belgian Independent Bottler. Well you could have guessed for the Belgian part. Let’s try it with my « Whisky-lover » point of view!
I have to say that I particularly like the label which is full of details.

Jean-Luc Pasquet 1967-2020 « #8 Le voyageur: Lot 67 » (40.6%, Malternative Belgium, Petite Champagne, 438 bottles)

Colour: Deep amber with auburn hues.
Nose: It’s round and fruity, heather honey, solvents, peaches, mirabelles, fresh grapes and oak wood in the background adding some dryness to that mix. It’s very fresh and fruits with hints of acidity here and there.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is very oily and thick. It’s very powerful and that’s quite surprising with only 40.6%! A burst of tropical fruits at first with pineapples, ripe mangoes, watermelons, ripe melon and pineapple jam with bourbon vanilla. The this first layer fades away letting all the free space to a more fresh layer with fresh grapes, mirabelles, grassy notes, un-ripe peaches and hints of cinnamon. Finally the last layer arriver with a lot of pine wood freshness, waxy notes, wet wood and hints of heather honey.
Finish: Long. Ripe tropical fruits jam, passion fruits, peaches, grapes and pine wood freshness. All of those aromas slowly let place to a lot of oak wood and mineral notes with hints of heather honey but this time the end of the mouth is mainly dry and austere, which just add to the complexity of this beautiful « malternative » in my opinion!

I have to say that I’am really impressed by the overall power of flavour, balance and complexity. Paired with a perfect alcohol integration this is just stunning. I can’t have guessed that 40.6% could deliver so much power. Congrats for this very nice bottling and keep up with the good work!

Score: 90

Still avalaible as of now.

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