Plantation Extreme N°4

Four rums from different distilleries. Even if there’s two Jamaicans, the German version is from Long Pond distillery and the French one from Monymusk. Let’s go for this Extreme tasting!

Plantation Extreme Saint Lucia 2007-2020 UK (58.9%, ex-bourbon cask)

Colour: Gold with copper hues.
Nose: Sweet with vegetal notes. Solvents, glue, cocoa beans, bourbon vanilla, white pepper, fresh soil, oranges, passion fruits, pop-corns and some roasted and spicy notes.
Mouth: It’s atypical! It starts with sweetness but it becomes quickly warmer and powerful. Vinegar, polish, glue again, cider, violet, flowers, grapefruits, mangoes, cherry pits, cloves, bourbon, wood and tannins. I also taste some kind of leather but it’s less noticeable than expected.
Finish: Mid-long. A lot of vanilla, pastries, dark chocolate.

This one is very atypical, not bad but closer to a bourbon than any others Saint Lucia I have tasted yet.

Score: 85

Plantation Extreme Uitvlugt 1993-2020 BE (51.9%, ex-bourbon & whisky cask)

Colour: Gold.
Nose: Very powerful peat, so powerful that I can’t say anymore if I’m in Guyana or on Islay, Scotland. Soil, wet wood, dark smoke, straw, hay, wet grass, green apples and sugar. The metallic notes are hidden by the peat.
Mouth: It remembers me Lagavulin 12yo with some extra sugary notes. The peat dominates the mouth as well, soil again, green apples, pears, dark oils and pepper.
Finish: I finally found the rum here! It’s long with brown sugar, vanilla, eucalyptus and peppermint. It’s a very fresh finish, better than the rest but to be honest it wasn’t very difficult.

I’m really confused with this one, whisky drinkers could maybe love it but it’s not my case.

Score: 75

Plantation Extreme Long Pond 1996-2020 GER (60.3%, ex-bourbon cask, CRV)

Colour: Copper.
Nose: It’s less extreme than expected. It’s warm, glue, noble wood, cherry pits, some hints of exotic fruits, mangoes, passion fruits, oak, butter and coconuts. With time it becomes fruitier.
Mouth: It’s warm and starts with some esters. Solvents, polish, cherry wood, oak, cocoa, passion fruits, caramelized dried fruits and gooseberries. It’s slightly acidulous as well.
Finish: Long and dry. Brown sugar, roasted coffee beans, dried fruits, hot chilli pepper and some grapes.

This one is well balanced but miss some fruits and funkiness to stand out from the crowd.

Score: 86

Plantation Extreme Clarendon 1984-2020 FR (74.8%, ex-bourbon cask, MMW)

Colour: What a colour! Dark coffee.
Nose: Quite powerful and complex, it directly reminds me two rums I like (Rum Artesanal NY94 & Velier Monymusk 97 Begnoni). Expresso, exotic fruits, papayas, mangoes, polish, dried fruits, citruses, wood, dark oil, camphor. That’s surprisingly fresh!
Mouth: Nice thick texture there. It’s very powerful and astringent but the alcohol is well integrated. Wood, dark bitter chocolate, pineapples, passion fruits, apples, oak, almonds and some petrol. The wood is a bit too present there.
Finish: Looong and very fresh. Menthol, peppermint, white pepper, glue, cherries, blueberries, gooseberries, violet candies and some floral notes.

The less I can say is that’s surprising. This is a true Jamaican with a self identity and I must admit that this one blows me away. The « Extreme » word takes on its full meaning here.

Score: 90

It was very interesting to taste those bottlings because all of them are difficult to catch if you don’t want to pay crazy prices. Even if I wasn’t entirely convinced by the three firsts, this Monymusk 84 makes me smile!
Thanks Sébastien for the samples, and of course thanks Alex for the sample and the amazing picture!

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