Some good DD’s like back in the days!

Let’s try some drams from the Belgian independent bottler « Daily Dram ». Those are in fact not chosen blindly since it reminds me of the Massen festival of 2019. The 2020 edition was cancelled for obvious reasons this year so let’s get those DD’s like back in the days, should we?

Clynelish 22 yo 1995-2018 (56.7%, Daily Dram, Sherry cask)

Colour: Amber.
Nose: Wax! As all good Clynelish should have. Honey, noble wood, liquorice, ripe plums, dusty books, leather, butter and salt. It’s salted butter caramel to be exact, very good! The nose is round and there no alcohol notes.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is very good and the mouthfeel is creamy. Butter, white pepper, spices, plums and apricot jam. The mouth is well balanced, it’s round and spicy with hints of wax, smoke and ashes.
Finish: Long. A lot of spices, smoke, ashes, ripe plums and apricots with hints of wax.

A really nice sherried Clynelish. I would have loved a bit more of this Clynelish typical waxiness in the mouth to be perfect. Nice one!

Score: 90

Benrinnes 21 yo 1997-2019 (56.3%, Daily Dram, 1st Fill Sherry Hogshead)

Colour: Deep brown with some auburn hues.
Nose: Wow, that’s a big fat old school sherry! Everything is perfectly integrated. Butter, leather, dark chocolate, grassy notes and hints of mushroom. There are not any notes of sulfur or wood, really good nose!
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the mouthfeel is really thick. The flavours intensity are increasing continuously, it’s round, balanced and integrated. Dark chocolate, bitter cocoa, candied oranges, blueberries, grass and on the end of the mouth some delicious candied lemons peels. There are still no sulfur or wood notes.
Finish: Very long. Dark chocolate, leather, lemons, citruses, candied oranges, ripe plums and some pine wood adding a welcomed freshness.

That one is a killer! It’s highly quaffable, round, balanced and complex. I’m on love with this old school sherry integrated profile and honestly the freshness on the finish push it a notch higher. Really good!

Score: 91

I really loved those when tasted during the festival but sometimes you’re not totally objective during festival if you know what I mean. Now that I tasted those at home I can definitely confirm what that those are really good drams. Good selection Mario!

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