Some 1997’s Caroni

To be honest these four bottlings are difficult to find in 2020, and if you luckily find one it could be pricey, but are they nice after all?

AD Rattray Caroni 1997-2012 (46%, cask #190, 289 bottles)

Colour: Copper.
Nose: It’s powerful in spite of the reduction. Leather, mint, butter, dark oil, nutmeg, cookie dough, black olives, capers, oranges and pineapples. Well balanced nose there.
Mouth: It’s less complex than the nose and I can feel the reduction, it’s slightly flat. It’s starting with some mineral notes, then dark chocolate, leather, apples, hydrocarbures, ginger, chilies, tires, menthol, candied lemons, pineapples and light wood.
Finish: Too short, fresh and bitterish. It’s slightly dry with dark chocolate, liquorice and eucalyptus.

I liked the nose a lot, unfortunately the reduction is killing a bit the mouth and the finish.

Score: 84

Arturo Makasare Caroni 1997-2017 Corman Collins (49.1%)

Colour: Copper.
Nose: Less « Caronier » than expected! Coconuts, caramel, rubber, fuels, leather, vanilla, camphor, wood and some stewed fruits.
Mouth: Easy to sip. Wood, black pepper, leather, bitter oranges, menthol, mangoes, mineral and roasted notes. It’s a very well balanced mouth.
Finish: Long and fresh. Vanilla hints dominate the finish, cake, custard cream, peppermint and tobacco.

This one is an easy-to-drink Caroni but he’s not loosing his strong personality, it’s very classy.

Score: 89

Berry Bro’s Caroni 1997-2018 (60.4%, cask #181, 231 bottles)

Colour: Copper.
Nose: I can feel the 10% ABV gap but the alcohol is well integrated. Pastries, vanilla, cake dough, fresh cream, brown sugar, a true dessert. Ripe apricots, candied fruits, dark chocolate and canon powder. I love this nose!
Mouth: Nice thick texture. It’s powerful and fruity. Oak wood, pineapples, lemons, citruses, passion fruits, pomegranates, red fruits, leather, oils, young wood, kumquats, persimmons and violet flowers.
Finish: Mid-long and dry. Smoke, jam, vanilla, tobacco leaves, ashes and some floral notes.

The finish is slightly too short but the nose is truly amazing, good job bro’s!

Score: 90

Spirits Shop Selection Caroni 1997-2017 LMDW (61.5%, cask #21, 236 bottles)

Colour: Copper.
Nose: Heavy trinidad rum there, a powerful Caroni. Leather, fuel, oils, eucalyptus, pineapples, grapefruits, wet wood, ripes fruits, smoked paprika and cocoa. It’s slightly iodized.
Mouth: Warm and heavy again. Old wood, apple juice, dark oil, leather, dark chocolate, tannins, spices and chillies.
Finish: Long. Mint, burnt wood, heavy smoke, almonds with some floral notes.

This is not the most complex of the tasting set but it’s a true strong Caroni, if you use to like this kind of Caroni you should love this one.

Score: 89

Berry Bro’s is the winner today, but they were all nice in their way, it’s surprising how they can be so different!
Thanks Gary again for the samples.

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AD Rattray Caroni 1997
Arturo Makasare Caroni 1997
Berry Bro’s Caroni 1997
Spirit Shop Selection Caroni 1997

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