Sneaky preview of the new 2020 Velier Hampden’s

I also added the Hampden Great House 2019 in the tasting set to have a comparison with the new edition. I don’t have a lot of informations about these new bottlings but the most important thing is what’s in the glass so let’s see!

Hampden Great House 2019 (59%, official bottling, tropical aged)

Colour: Dark gold.
Nose: I can directly smell the tropical ageing influence, it’s warm. Starting with esters, spices, marzipan, ripe pineapples and lemons.
Mouth: Nice thick texture. There are still a lot of spices, caramel, mangoes, light solvants, green olives, wood and some vegetal notes.
Finish: Long. It’s dry, burnt wood, olives, canon powder and some fruits in the background.

It’s not the fruitier Jamaican I could taste, but it’s a great Hampden at very fair price!

Score: 87

Hampden Great House 2020 (59%, official bottling, tropical aged)

Colour: Dark gold.
Nose: Very noticeable differences there, it’s fruitier than the previous one, and I would say higher in esters as well. Bananas, exotic fruits, red chillies, a bit more acidulous with citruses, lemon juice, it’s deeper. With more time I have also some sweet notes with vanilla and honey.
Mouth: It’s lighter than the nose. Pineapple juice dominates the mouth, bananas, green olives, light solvents, spices and young wood. It’s slightly astringent and bitterish.
Finish: Long. Dark smoke, olive oil, spices with some roasted and vegetal notes which add freshness.

It’s fruitier than the 2019 edition, this one is better at any level, well done!

Score: 89

Velier Hampden Yellow Shouldered Grossquit (unknown ABV, cask #487, OWH)

Colour: Gold.
Nose: Burnt wood and roasted notes dominates the nose. Mangoes, pineapples, green bananas, green apples, oranges, marzipan, straw, nutmeg and some vegetal notes. I recognize the typical low ester profile, fruits are less noticeable.
Mouth: Sweet at the beginning, the power is following. Nice thick texture. Burnt wood, glue, varnish, papayas, mangoes, tobacco leaves. I miss some fruits and funkyness here.
Finish: Mid-long. Cold ashes, smoke, fresh mint and vanilla.

It’s not a bad rum at all but not the kind of profile I would expect from a Hampden.

Score: 87

Velier Hampden LROK Rufous Tailed Flycatcher (unknown ABV, cask #498, LROK)

Colour: Gold.
Nose: Powerful, warm with esters and fruits. The alcohol is a bit too present. Very ripe pineapples, bananas, vanilla, polish and candied lemons. It also has a sweetness behind all these fruits.
Mouth: Nice texture and a lot of fruits again, I love it. Pineapple juice, exotic fruits, burnt straw, fuels, canon powder and yellow fruits. It has an aerial feeling which makes it very easy to drink.
Finish: Long. Tobacco, peppermint, vanilla, a lot of green olives, violet flowers, cinnamon, finishing with some fresh floral notes.

I liked a lot this very uncommon finish for a Hampden, good job!

Score: 89

I’m a bit disappointed there’s no higher ester mark than LROK in the Belgian bottlings but I found out some solid bottlings here. Now I wish everyone good luck to catch those bottles!

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Hampden Great House 2019

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  1. Pourtant le HAMPDEN 10 ans 2010 LROK Jamaïque, Pure Single Rum – 62.1%, 70cl — Single Cask #487, Bourbon Barrel, c’est marqué dans la catalogue de LMDW: Edition limitée à 250 bouteilles — Une exclusivité LMDW….


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