Corman Collins

Those are three completely different rums there, the only thing they have in common is actually the bottler.

Corman Collins Port Mourant 2003-2017 (45%, 500 bottles, from Silvano Samaroli private stock)

Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: It’s fruitier than expected! Pineapples, apples, citruses. It remains a Port Mourant for sure, I can smell this typical steel, wet wood, straw and some herbal notes. It’s slightly bitterish as well.
Mouth: The first sip is gently sweet and delicate, it’s really good. Young wood, oak, cinnamon, green grapes, apples, pears, burnt wood, metallic and spicy notes.
Finish: Very long. It’s bitterish but not too much. Cocoa and candied fruits. Who said reduction means short finish?

I can recognize the « Silvano style » in this bottling, classy, complex and flavourful. One of my favourite Port Mourant for sure, well done.

Score: 90

Corman Collins Hampden 2001-2018 (60.4%, cask #V265-7, 263 bottles, <>H)

Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: Ripe pineapples, bananas, green olives, nutmeg, candied lemons, mirabelle plums, exotic fruits, papayas, pomegranates, glue. It’s powerful with a sweet side.
Mouth: Astringent. Overripe bananas, lemons, white peaches, pineapple juice, and mirabelle plums dominates the fruity notes. Green olives, tobacco leaves and butter. It’s slightly acidulous.
Finish: Very long. Exotic fruits, dark smoke, cold ashes and tobacco.

It reminds me the Rum Artesanal Trelawny double cask in some way, it’s a bit different than classic Hampden profiles in my opinion.

Score: 89

Corman Collins Caroni Drink it Zipp it 1999-2019 (61%, HTR)

Colour: Dark copper.
Nose: It’s a very powerful Caroni! Oils, leather, vanilla, caramel, wood, cake dough and some smoked and sugary notes.
Mouth: As powerful as the nose, the alcool is maybe just a bit too present. Rubber, leather, fuels, but it has a sweet side behind this manly profile with butter, vanilla, caramel, cinnamon, noble wood and some aromatic flowers.
Finish: Very long. Sweeter than the nose and the mouth, pastries and some kind of cake coming out of the oven.

Different than a classic HTR and I loved it!

Score: 90

I find the Hubert Corman bottlings very consistent. Sometimes those could be a bit atypical like the Hampden 2001 & Caroni 1999 but I have never been disappointed so far. Good job Hubert, I’m looking forward to test the four all new Corman Collins bottlings coming next month.
I also reviewed the Diamond 2003 & the Bally 18.

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Corman Collins Port Mourant 2003-2017
Corman Collins Hampden 2001-2018
Corman Collins Caroni Drink it Zipp it 1999-2019

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