Bunnahabhain trio

At first, I just chose two young Bunnahabhains to test but I couldn’t resist to the call of that ’75 one!

Bunnahabhain 7 yo 2008-2015 (58.6%, OB, Hand-Filled Exclusive, 2nd Fill Oloroso Sherry Cask, cask #4903) 

Colour: Deep amber.
Nose: Nearly no alcohol presence. Raisins, old books, dusty leather, plums, cocoa. Everything is nicely balanced.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is quite good. It’s syrupy with raisins again, cocao, leather and dark chocolate which adds some dryness to the mix.
Finish: It’s long. Cocoa, dark chocolate and some hints of leather. After some time everything fades but the dark chocolate dryness persists.

A really nice young sherry. It’s not really complex but perfectly balanced.

Score: 88

Bunnahabhain 14 yo 2004-2018 (53.2%, OB, Hand-Filled Exclusive, Moine PX Finish, cask #AR13000002) 

Colour: Deep amber.
Nose: Nearly no alcohol presence too, that’s really appreciable. Gentle aerial peat, leather, old books and wood smoke.
Mouth: Alcohol integration is perfect. The mouthfeel is really syrupy. Cocao, aerial peat, ripe plums, leather, smoke. It’s nicely balanced and really enjoyable.
Finish: Mid-long. Rounded, ripe plums, leather cocoa and some gentle peat

I can’t find a lot of complexity on this bad boy but everything else works pretty well.

Score: 89

Bunnahabhain 36 yo 1975-2011 (56.8%, The Perfect Dram, oloroso butt, 394 bottles) 

Colour: Deep amber.
Nose: Wow! I can tell you that it’s an heavy sherry for sure! No alcohol presence at all. A lot of coffee, dark chocolate, leather, tobacco, orange peels, plums, apricot and wood smoke.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the flavours are really intense. The mouthfeel is greasy, it’s literally napping every part of your mouth. It starts will a lot of lemons and citruses, it’s really fresh. I can also taste coffee and leather fighting with that freshness and even some hints of pepper and ripe figs adding some sweetness. The mix is perfectly balanced and it’s just delicious.
Finish: Very long. There is still that perfect freshness which comes from the lemons and citruses. Dark chocolate, leather, tobacco, noble wood with a bit of wood smoke and some hints of white pepper

That’s a perfect big old sherry. Flavours are really intense and perfectly balanced, there is some complexity even if it’s not very very complex. Everything is just perfect here to be honest, that’s a success for sure, easy to drink and enjoyable instantly!

Score: 91

I am really impressed by the constant quality of those bottlings. The alcohol integration is just perfect even on the young ones. There is an undeniable lack of complexity on the young bottlings but the last one from the ’70s will makes you forget about everything, a true hidden gem!

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