Spirit of Travellers

I heard a lot of good things about the 10th anniversary bottling which was difficult to catch and I used to like the products from L’Esprit, I hope I won’t be disappointed!

L’Esprit Travellers 2005-2017 (67%, cask #BB27, 267 bottles)

Colour: Dark gold with copper hues.
Nose: Wet wood, lot of spices, nuts, hazelnuts, tobacco, coconuts, oranges, lemon peels, fresh paint. It’s well balanced with the citruses, the sweetness and the roasted notes. With more time it becomes sweeter. Vanilla, buns and custard cream.
Mouth: Nice thick texture. The first mouth is powerful and warm. Dried fruits, almonds, caramel, vanilla, coconuts, cinnamon, burnt wood and some dark smoke.There’s also some kind of bitterness in the background with grapes. It’s less complex than the nose but still well balanced.
Finish: Long. Dark chocolate bitterness with sweeter notes and dried fruits.

Score: 88

L’Esprit Travellers 10th anniversary 2007-2017 (66.1%, cask #BB36, 267 bottles)

Colour: Copper. It’s a bit darker than the previous one.
Nose: The alcohol is very well integrated. At first nose I can say it’s sweeter and less bitter than the first one. Vanilla, coco, caramelized pecan nuts, blueberries, cherry pies, almonds, hazelnuts, brown sugar and oak.
Mouth: It’s very sweet at first, then it becomes powerful and warm. Oak, tannins, vanilla, coco, honey, caramelized dried fruits, milk chocolate, candied fruits and nuts.
Finish: Long. Brown sugar, dark chocolate, burnt wood and vanilla.

This one is less roasted and bitterish than the first, with a surprising sweetness.

Score: 89

This is honestly two great rums. They are a bit different, each has its own strengths and I think that only personal taste can decide between them. Good job!

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L’Esprit Travellers 2005-2017
L’Esprit Travellers 10th anniversary 2007-2017

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